Mar. 28th, 2015

Mar. 28th, 2015 12:06 pm

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  • Fri, 20:39: Do the creep. "The Creep"
  • Sat, 02:02: Have you seen "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen"? It's a good movie.
  • Sat, 02:05: "Better Off Ted" was a good 1/2 hour show. (There needs to be more fanfic, but what exists is awesome sauce)
  • Sat, 02:07: I also enjoyed "Bad Judge", which I didn't think I would. Anything w/"Bad" at the front, I avoid (Bad Santa, Bad Teacher, etc)
  • Sat, 02:10: "Bad Judge" was surprisingly entertaining. The 1st ep was rly bad, but the show got better. Tedward and Rebecca's bromance is adorbs
  • Sat, 02:13: Anyone know a good Ted/Don [Better Off Ted] fanfic? Linda pushes them together to be evil, and the plan backfires when Ted falls for Don.
  • Sat, 02:15: And Don is incredibly good with Rose and they have this super perfect life together (like that one Hannigram fic) [Better Off Ted] #A2D
  • Sat, 02:16: It's the ending I wanted from Jim Grimsley's "Comfort & Joy." I mean, that book's on my shelf, but I wanted bigger happiness for them #A2D
  • Sat, 02:20: Instead I got this quiet kind of hope that still makes me think that things can go desperately wrong. #A2D
  • Sat, 02:22: I guess I'm a romantic. I want to see people I like have a good life. #A2D
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