May. 17th, 2015

May. 17th, 2015 12:05 pm

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  • Sun, 02:21: Fighting the centaur in God of War III is not fair. The wonky camera angles make it so you can't see where he's coming from :(
  • Sun, 02:25: Ugh, and my stupid controller doesn't let me dodge him AT ALL. He's kicking my ass ;_:
  • Sun, 02:31: I have seen "You Are Dead" so many times at this point that I think it's giving me a complex
  • Sun, 02:50: I don't know why, but my weapon keeps switching mid-battle too. So annoying. Plus it kills me
  • Sun, 03:04: It seems like a cheat on the part of the game designers that the only reason I keep dying is bc of crappy camera angles
  • Sun, 03:39: Ugh. I'm not playing that anymore tonight. My hands hurt and I'm pissed off. Not a fun game for me :(
  • Sun, 03:40: Things I hate most about God of War III: The harpies, the unexpected weapon switching, and the way it asks if I want to switch to Easy Mode
  • Sun, 03:41: Is the game mocking me? Does it think that I suck so badly that I can't even play Normal Mode? Fok you game. Fok you w/that centaur's spear
  • Sun, 04:08: I wasted a ridiculous amount of time on God of War III just to decide that it's a DNF game. My blood pressure can't take it.
  • Sun, 04:08: Sure, my discount controller may be a piece of crap, but that doesn't excuse those sucky camera angles. Half the time you can't see the guy.
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