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Title: Tuesday Night
Author: Harper Kingsley
Characters: Sunfire (Seth Payne), Teen Steel (Tony Randolph), Monteressa, Hartache
Genre: superhero, action, drama, mm
Rating: mature
Summary: Seth is back in Star City with Tony on yet another disastrous mission.

Following Seth was like second nature. Tony had to admit that the guy had fallen into the role of leader as natural as breathing. Probably a result of the leadership courses he'd received at the Training Center as a teenager. Tony had only managed summer classes until the CMPF scholarship, but Seth had been training to be a superhero from the time he was fourteen years old.

Part of Tony would always wonder what his life would have been like if he'd had the money for the intensive training Seth had received. but that was an old regret, one that he couldn't do anything about now.

They were jogging a winding path that cut through side streets and down alleys, keeping an eye out for any people. Everything seemed deserted. It was eerie to see no people bustling about during the day. It gave a horror movie vibe that made the patch of skin between his shoulders itch.

Seth must have shared his unease, because they were moving at a good clip. It wouldn't take them too long to reach Triangle Park, maybe another twenty minutes.

Tony was starting to think things were looking like cake. They'd reach the Park, lay the charges, and be out of range before the fireworks started. They were going to make it.

A flicker of warning. He body-slammed Seth out of the way with a flying tackle. "Get down!"

The ground they would have passed through exploded with a rain of pulverized asphalt and burning debris.
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