Jun. 30th, 2015

Jun. 30th, 2015 12:06 pm

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  • Mon, 14:02: World's Dumbest was making fun of it, but the Scentee is intriguing to me. An app and attachment that sprays scent.
  • Mon, 14:05: It's supposed to help if you're dieting by giving the smell of good food. Or what if you're somewhere smelly? #Scentee
  • Mon, 14:11: They have non-food smells too. You can buy the unit on Amazon, though the scent cards are sold separately.
  • Mon, 14:58: It's not like there's billions of Asian ppl in the world. This movie makes it seem like there's only the one. https://t.co/hYYlLqIEQ3
  • Mon, 14:58: RT @ACuriousChaos: Dear big celebrities, unless you're doing charity work, promoting job opportunities, or you're the Rock, Q&A hashtags ar…
  • Mon, 15:01: Isn't there talk of white ppl becoming a minority? If you watch The Day After Tomorrow, you'd think that's all there is in the US.
  • Mon, 15:18: Remember that one year they thought it was going to be the Snowpocalypse and everyone was going to die? It was less than an inch of snow.
  • Mon, 15:19: RT @Tattle_Crime: #HelpHannibal because the cast and crew are AMAZING to us and we don't want to lose that @AmazonVideo @amazon
  • Mon, 15:20: #HelpHannibal bc the fandom is amazing and I would be super sad without it. Hannigram forever!
  • Mon, 15:25: Watching Teen Titans Go. Now I'm going to write about a superhero that makes supervillains sign his autograph book after he beats them up.
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