Aug. 5th, 2015

Aug. 5th, 2015 12:07 pm

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I must have a resting bitch face or something.

I was standing in line yesterday and the guy in front of us was taking too long. Rather than get all upset, I was just minding my business, maybe half-smiling so the guy didn't feel all judged and hurried.

The Kid looked at me and was like, "Why are you smiling?" So I stopped smiling.

Then when we were walking away, the Kid was like, "Why do you look so mad?"

I'm not mad! That's just my face.

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Remember when they were doing all the Obama is the anti-Christ crap? Maybe they were talking about Jeb Bush.

Like seriously, there's something wrong with a man that hates women, old people, and children that much.

Jeb Bush: "I'm Not Sure We Need Half a Billion Dollars" for Womens Health - LINK:

"It's Not Just Social Security Anymore. Jeb Bush Wants to Destroy Medicare Too. -- LINK:

Do we need another rich white dude with oil interests using our country to make himself and his friends richer? I mean, there's such a thing as clear solar glass, hybrid cars, electric cars, and amazing medical science that I would really like to see universally available in my lifetime.

I'm tired of living in the stone age. I want to hop a space boat to Mars someday, bitches.


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