Oct. 2nd, 2015

Oct. 2nd, 2015 12:07 pm

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  • Thu, 14:40: Firestarter's playing on AMC. If I'd known, I would have recorded it.
  • Thu, 14:48: Does anybody else kinda want a Will Graham as Andy from Firestarter story with Charlie as his and Hannibal's kid? #fanfic
  • Thu, 14:50: What would Hannibal do to get Will and their daughter back from a corrupt government agency? Especially if he's got telekinesis #fanfic
  • Thu, 14:52: Will with telepathy, Hannibal with telekinesis, and their daughter setting the world on fire. #fanfic
  • Thu, 22:35: I made a stupid song and I like it. How do I share a .wav file?
  • Thu, 22:37: "I love you so. You do me wrong. And in we go, into the deep dark ground. Restless souls gathering toward the light." -by Harper Kingsley
  • Thu, 22:57: Please pardon my ugly voice. Recorded on my phone :/ "ILoveYouSo.wav" - https://t.co/kw455aOVLG
  • Fri, 00:51: It's nearly 1 a.m. here and I've chomped down two chicken fingers and a bowl of Oat Blenders cereal. There wasn't even any weed involved
  • Fri, 01:05: I'm writing this post-apocalypse thing and I'm not sure how I feel about it :/ 'Bryan at the End of the World"
  • Fri, 07:12: RT @PatriotsOfMars: Everything I know about acting I learned from my cat, Robert Meowny Jr. ~ @RobertDowneyJr http://t.co/3NVhjMxLPH
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