Dec. 10th, 2015

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1. If there was one thing Xander really hated, it was when Spike smoked in bed. He wasn't too worried about the vampire falling asleep and burning the house down, but he couldn't stand the mess.

Spike got ashes everywhere. He would start waving his cigarette around while he yelled at the TV and gray ashes and embers got everywhere. He hadn't yet burned a hole in the mattress, but he'd ruined a set of blue sheets.

"Do you think I'm made of money or something?" Xander snarled at Spike's leather jacket, imagining that the vampire was in it. "You're lucky we need you, or you'd have bleached your last."

He huffed and smoothed the comforter over the new sheets he'd used to make the bed. It had cost him $15 for sheet set and he wasn't exactly pleased with the brown and blue design, but he couldn't afford anything better.

He kicked the old sheets in the direction of the garbage can in the corner. They didn't make it even halfway there. Instead of going to pick them up, he turned around and flopped backward onto the bed.

Staring at the ceiling of his basement hell, he had to wonder how things had gone so wrong.


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