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  • Fri, 23:23: This here is a great movie, AMC. Thank you for showing this
  • Fri, 23:25: This is the movie you want to watch if you like balls to the wall action. Ultra violent, but pure "This is possible" physicality #TheRaid2
  • Fri, 23:29: Another great movie along that pure-action vein is 2010's #TheManFromNowhere. It was amazing, but not as super violent as #ISawtheDevil
  • Sat, 00:27: The most beautiful Once Upon A Time In Mexico story I've ever heard: "La Cancion De Los Pistolas." #FicICarryWMe
  • Sat, 00:29: It's right up there with some of the best Stargate Atlantis fics out there. My Fandom Bicycle is_(SGA, HP, Naruto, YYH).
  • Sat, 00:33: "*My* secret delight?" Harveste Addams. Or really any Addams Family crossover *cough*ArthurAddamsxEames, JohnWatson*cough* #FicICarryWMe
  • Sat, 00:35: RT @Hannibalcrack: my selfie of the day ❤️ hope I look good, tried out a new filter ✨ https://t.co/NQHB8Dqfwi
  • Sat, 00:36: Hannibal may be fandom's garbage can, but god, that's some quality shit :P
  • Sat, 00:37: If Hannigram was a strain of weed, it would be some SERIOUS chronic. You'd be off your ass, it's so great
  • Sat, 00:40: "Great," he said. "It's done. Let's just stop by the clinic, I'll shoot that needle-happy eunuch a couple of times, and go home." -BFSTInRio
  • Sat, 00:45: "There are days when he wakes up and doesn't recognize his own face. His eyes seem different and strange, the shape and depth a note of..."
  • Sat, 00:45: "...discordant harmony. It makes him avoid mirrors as much as he can, not wanting to feel that uneasiness heavy in his chest. As though..."
  • Sat, 00:46: "...he might have come back wrong." -For A Little While.
  • Sat, 00:51: "He'd found himself haunted by dreams of his time in Tahiti, and he didn't know why they bothered him so much." ... #A2D
  • Sat, 00:51: "He would wake up panting and terrified, his heart pounding hard in his chest and tears burning the backs of his eyes. There would be..."
  • Sat, 00:53: "...the ghost-memory of hands massaging over his skin and beautiful scenery and he didn't know why they scared him so much but they did."
  • Sat, 00:55: https://t.co/A0ZUN9UvLQ
  • Sat, 01:33: "He was the man in black. The stolid face of grinding bureacracy..." - “He was the man in black. The stolid... https://t.co/GmOXRdLZFc
  • Sat, 01:33: “He was the man in black. The stolid face of grinding bureacracy…” https://t.co/HkNnKQ3Q93
  • Sat, 02:48: EXCERPT: "Ruined Lilacs and Broken Dreams" - EXCERPT: “Ruined Lilacs and Broken Dreams”Title: Ruined Lilacs... https://t.co/vUaqO06z7h