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Harper Kingsley ([personal profile] harperkingsley) wrote2015-11-22 12:06 pm
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My tweets

  • Sun, 00:03: Sometimes I feel as though I'm fumbling around in a dark room.
  • Sun, 00:04: Hey, btw, if there's anyone out there w/extra tokens or cash, I wouldn't mind a present of more LJ time.
  • Sun, 00:06: I did like it when you gave me that lemur. That was unexpected but very sweet of you (Sorry I'm such a jerk about talking. Anxiety disorder)
  • Sun, 00:07: Sorry I don't automatically follow ppl back as much as in times of yor. I'm being slammed all the time by sellers.
  • Sun, 00:10: I'mma follow these guys back bc they seem like they have a lot of movie news mentioning titles I've never heard of https://t.co/LvlGjhXN0W
  • Sun, 00:10: This gif pretty much sums up the response I tend to give... https://t.co/3k6nckvZAF
  • Sun, 00:13: ... while I'm on the inside going https://t.co/JJci41mP8K. I *love* reviews and compliments and affectionate shit. (Like a secret. Sh.)
  • Sun, 00:20: "Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you'll save. Better lock it, in your pocket, taking this one to the grave" Secret #ThePierces
  • Sun, 00:29: https://t.co/Fk7o9PG3td #Dexter season 3 trailer ft. Secret by #ThePierces
  • Sun, 01:34: Does anyone want to make a Ren'Py game with me? - Does anyone want to make a Ren’Py game with me?Does... https://t.co/NqVtLMrJrE
  • Sun, 01:34: Does anyone want to make a Ren’Py game with me? https://t.co/mC1sCki46g
  • Sun, 01:51: "Everything he loved fit into his large traveling trunk. It would be a disaster if he were to ever lose his things. ..."
  • Sun, 01:51: "...His father had destroyed so many of his memories when he was young. He could still smell the scent of burning plastic and cloth, ..."
  • Sun, 01:52: "...could hear the faint squeak of escaping air as his toys and his baby dolls melted into a formless mass in the bonfire his father had..."
  • Sun, 01:53: "...lit as soon as they returned home from Mommy's funeral." -Fight. #pathos
  • Sun, 02:02: It is scary how accurate Google is on finding stuff. Could their algorithms recognize me from a turn of phrase alone?
  • Sun, 02:05: So that's Hannibal Lecter's sex face. Go, Will. Get you some.
  • Sun, 02:17: Can we get season 10 of It's Always Sunny in https://t.co/ftQ7IsTfLq
  • Sun, 02:31: "Because the human race was a resilient cancer. And as long as a handful of them survived, they'd bounce back." -RaSta.
  • Sun, 03:14: RT @SadHappyAmazing: Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall at the premiere of How to Marry a Millionaire. https://t.co/pQPkT6R8CJ

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