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Harper Kingsley ([personal profile] harperkingsley) wrote2015-11-26 12:05 pm
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My tweets

  • Wed, 18:09: I want to like the Kindle Paperwhite, but I don't think I do :( I've got carpal tunnel in my right wrist, so it's painful to change pages
  • Wed, 18:36: Sorry @Amazon, but I have to return my paperwhite. I need left-hand page turns and there was no option available. Does Voyage offer it?
  • Wed, 20:49: RT @AmazonHelp: @HarperKingsley0 (1/2) Hi Harper, you can see what features the Kindle Voyage has here: https://t.co/oBM79RNRGj.
  • Wed, 21:11: Why would you have a door like that? Sure, have the big door for trucks & stuff, but have a people-sized one as well. Derp. #JurassicWorld
  • Wed, 21:11: "You've got a friend in me..." The theme song of Hannibal Lecter
  • Wed, 21:26: "Hi, I'm Jimmy Fallon. Welcome to our gyrosphere." That's pretty good.
  • Wed, 21:29: These kids are so stupid. Hopefully they get killed... that way this movie will teach an actual lesson #JurassicWorld
  • Wed, 21:55: If you're breeding dinosaurs, why wouldn't you have explosives implanted close to their hearts and at the base of their skulls just in case?
  • Wed, 21:56: A lot of the out of controlness of this movie could be tied back to those damn kids not being where they're supposed to be #JurassicWorld
  • Wed, 22:09: Why isn't anyone wearing a helmet while on motorcycles or off-road vehicles in this movie? That's so dangerous :( #JurassisWorld

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