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Harper Kingsley ([personal profile] harperkingsley) wrote2015-12-09 05:50 am
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  • Tue, 21:44: "I'll be damned, Tatooine." Oh Phil. #AgentsofSHIELD
  • Tue, 23:29: I wouldn't buy a hoverboard. There's been talk of them bursting into flame for months. Like duh, Komo, that's old news. #hoverboarddangerous
  • Tue, 23:33: It's terrible. Somebody in Lake Stevens is making rat poison laced meatballs and giving them to dogs. What a monster
  • Wed, 03:24: I like this one a whole heck of a lot. "Gardening" by The Feels Whale. Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield https://t.co/gy0phksbrn
  • Wed, 03:25: I didn't really enjoy the Hobbit. It felt super drawn out (three movies!) and the end was depressing. I could have done w/just LoTR.
  • Wed, 03:25: RT @BrianRathbone: When properly used, #hashtags allow you to reach people who share interest in a common subject even if they are not foll…
  • Wed, 03:28: This is me *every* frickin' day. It makes me sad that I've gotten too old and respectable. https://t.co/y72LXrqvZt
  • Wed, 03:43: Sometimes I smoke my internal motivation. https://t.co/3fMuQpRrRa
  • Wed, 03:51: I don't even know what I'm babbling about. Please pardon my random fandom squee. Unless there's something else you want to talk about.
  • Wed, 04:10: Could you imagine if young Leonardo DiCaprio had been Anakin Skywalker? It would have been great for when they make the Vader movie