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Title: Faizel II
Author: Harper Kingsley
Genre: mm urban fantasy
Pairing: Charlemagne/Faizel
Characters: Faizel, Charlemagne, Ewing, Jenny Deacon, Isadore.
Summary: Picking up where "Faizel 01" left off, things are about to become interesting as Charlemagne's secret--his beloved Faizel--is about to become known.
"Faizel 02" is coming soon. When it's available there will be a coupon for a free Smashwords copy (limited time only).
Sometimes Ewing wondered if they had invited a devil into their midst. Because there wasn't a doubt in his mind that Charlemagne was possessed. And the devil was named Faizel. Charlemagne's darling love. The mysterious vampire that had appeared from nowhere to steal Charlemagne's heart and rearrange the natural order of the world.

Ewing personally thought of Faizel as a booty call gone wrong, though he would never say it aloud. He valued his life too much.

Charlemagne wanted to keep Faizel secret, and Ewing was willing to go along with it. Because honestly, how could he even explain someone like Faizel? The guy scared the ever living fuck out of him, and that was no lie.

"Are you certain this is how you want to do things?" Deacon asked in her "I'm a complete hard as nails Law Officer" voice.

Ewing fought to keep still where he knelt on the hardwood floor along with the other low level vampires. It was pretty boring, but he wasn't one to battle the status quo. He didn't want to get tortured and killed.Read more... )

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Faizel book coverTitle: Faizel
Author: Harper Kingsley
Pairing: Faizel/Charlemagne
Genre: mm vampire romance
Word count: 10,600 (43 ms pages)

Summary: The vampire Faizel finds himself in another world that has its own kind of vampires, witches, and rules. He decides to fit in until he can decide what he wants to do with this chance to dominate a new Earth.

Available for $0.99 at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Faizel-ebook/dp/B00AR7V51O/


He was a handsome stranger in painted on pants and Chuck Taylors. His dark brown hair curled around his ears in enticing tousled waves. He had rich olive skin and a straight nose with perfect nostrils. He was built in lean lines and looked like he should be an endearingly dorky guy, completely oblivious to his own good looks.

Except he walked like a predator. He tried not to, but his hips insisted on falling into their natural position when he didn't concentrate. An arrogant, rolling walk that caught and held the eye, luring in his prey.

He'd always been so well-known that he couldn't have pretended to be anyone other than himself. He was more easily recognizable than the Master. The name FAIZEL was synonymous with power and prestige. He was always near the top of every Most Wanted list the Resistance put out.

He'd always enjoyed playing with the Resistance. Hunting them down and spoiling their plans had been endlessly entertaining. It was why he'd never just completely exterminated them all the way the Master wanted.

The Master was talking synthetic blood and genocide. He had wanted a world completely devoid of normal human life. The Phageless would cease to exist and only the New Breed would remain. He wanted a world of rules and restrictions, a totalitarian empire with himself at the top.

Faizel enjoyed being powerful, but he wanted the thrill of the hunt. He was young and virile and he'd been Reborn without a soul. But he still remembered his human days and all that burning hate and rage was still there, bubbling under the surface of his skin.Read more... )

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Prince Lucian

The first time Lucian met Jenny he was instantly enamored by her strength and beauty. She was completely arresting even from clear across the room, her fiery red hair rippling around her shoulders in waves, glinting with darker color.

Her skin was smooth and fair with only a slight sprinkle of freckles across her nose. Her lips were pouty and full, her chin a doll-like curve. She should have been delicate, a vulnerable young woman not just in her looks, but her actions as well. Only one glimpse of her hard green eyes dispelled the notion before it could fully form.

Her voice when they were introduced wasn't the girlish thing he was expecting, but a harsh and sexy growl. He could see the scars on he neck where someone had gotten too rough and crushed her trachea, damaging her voice box. She had a history of pain. He wanted to know more.

There were small, faded marks on her hands where her flesh had been nicked and cut and larger patches where her knuckles had broken through the skin with the hard impacts of her fists striking targets. The parts of her arms revealed by her dress were lean but strong with muscle and the flex of her thighs made him shift in place with sudden arousal.

It wasn't quite love and it wasn't completely lust, but he was definitely fascinated. And when she rejected his first advances, he knew he had to have her.

Prince Lucian set himself to pursue Jenny Deacon and make her his own.

(He saves the option of breaking her as a last resort. But it's there.)


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