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Chapter Two of Idlewile is fast approaching the 9,000 word mark and there's still like two scenes to go :o

Still, I'm desperately in love with my errant pop idol. He's just so frickin' cute and his wangst is so scrumptiously delicious. I love to run a guy through the ringer, then have another person rescue him. Though Idle's current angst is mostly mental, remnants from a very sucky childhood in the orphanarium.

Posting "Idlewile" at my FictionPress http://www.fictionpress.com/~harperkingsley but here's a taste of Chapter Two...

Excerpt )

Yeah, chapter two is largely an intro to the characters and the setting they inhabit.

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Title: Redundant Fallacies of the Human Brain
Genre: original fiction, contemporary

The second I saw her I knew that I was desperately in love.

Long, coltish limbs and the face of a Botticelli angel framed by tumbling golden locks. She was wrapped in the costume of an innocent school girl, but with one single look I knew better.

She was a temptress. A seductress come to wrap me up in her web of feminine wiles. She would suck the life out of me like a spider and there would be nothing I could do against it. I was helpless to her, a vagrant knocking at her door to beg for the scraps of her heart and she would give me none.

The slender fingers of her left hand curled around the strap of her purple backpack while her right hand swiped her card through the reader then pushed the turnstile out of her way. She stepped through with striding footsteps, her narrow hips swaying with tomboyish charm.

She turned to wait for her friend and I was able to run my eyes over her silhouette freely. The backs of her knees begged for kisses and my fingers itched to tug her black knee socks down her slender calves and run my fingertips over the arches of her feet.

Her laughter was like molten silver as she reached out her hand to pull her friend close against her. "Come on," my angel said, turning to walk toward the train.

Our eyes caught and held for a timeless moment. Then, "What are you looking at, freak?" the moment shattered and was gone forever. Sound rushed back into the world and I was once again able to breathe.

I shrugged and turned to find the newspaper I'd wanted to buy.

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Title: Origins: Starburst
Author: Harper Kingsley
Genre: sci-fi/fantasy, superhero
Rating: Teen
Summary: The origin of the superhero Starburst

Origins: Starburst )


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