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Until yesterday I had never eaten Funyuns before. I was always a bit leery of anything involving onions as chips. Even now, I'm still a bit on the fence about the taste of plain Funyuns.

But Flamin' Hot Funyuns are fantastic.

My stomach is a little upset from the spiciness, but I could not stop eating the delicious snack foods. *nom nom*

The Kid is going to be mad when he finds out that I was eating his chips while he was sleeping. They were just so good though.
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I am just eating and eating. I know binge eating is bad, but sometimes I can't help myself. We're super poor at the moment, and we grocery shop one time for the whole month. I usually save what I call "meat money," because it's basically for meat, bread, and milk. It's the "just in case" money used to buy the basic staples. So by the time the month rolls over, we're out of all the snack foods and tasty things.

We just went shopping today and I've been gorging myself on Pagoda white chicken egg rolls. I mean, it's like they got in my head and they're all I've really eaten today.

Still, I've been losing weight, so bingeing like this will probably bring it right back on. But those egg rolls ... Who could say no to such delicious goodness? I mean, I've been living on spaghetti and plain toast for a week.
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Jambalaya is great if it's done right. And really awful if it's done wrong.

I like Zatarans from the box, not the pouch. Prepared with some smoked sausage it's kicky and good. I like to add a little extra uncooked white rice when I make it to mellow the flavor. Makes it so I don't kill myself when I add my requisite Tobasco Sauce. And my dad doesn't get heartburn.

I tried Popeye's version and it really wasn't for me. I wasn't fond of them at all. I guess I'm just a Kentucky Fried Chicken girl at heart, though they don't carry jambalaya. (El Pollo Loco has good food too. And I love Wendy's chili.)

Btw, I also love Zataran's Dirty Rice. Paired with some steamed broccoli and maybe a salad on the side, that's a meal for five people right there. That or two meals for a really hungry dude.

Zataran has some great tasting stuff. Their stuff's so good I refuse to check the label for anything more than the calories per serving.

Dinners for less than $10:
- Zataran's Dirty Rice (chub of hamburger, box of dirty rice, frozen broccoli.) You can make it in the microwave.
- Zataran's Jambalaya (smoked sausage, box of Zataran's.) You can make it in the microwave.


Ooh, Frozen Nutella mousse (or Nutella ice cream). I do happen to have a jar of Nutella on the shelf. I need to get some half-and-half and an ice cream maker, but that's easy.

I'll stop at Home Depot on my way to Walmart for the half-and-half. They have paint buckets for less than $3 and I can pick up a stirring stick. Add some ice cubes and salt and it's ice cream a-gogo.

I can mix up the Nutella and half-and-half in the airtight freezer safe tupperware container I'm going to freeze it in. Just throw it in the ice, pour on the salt and start stirring.

Making ice cream like that really builds up the arm muscles. It's an easy way to make ice cream while on a road trip.


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