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In some way, I think of the Twitterverse as being a notebook I write in. I spill out all my thoughts across the page and I imagine the kinds of responses some of my confessions would receive. I open up my heart and I feel as though I'm interconnected to all those beams of light out there.

I whisper and I shout across the silent stillness and someone out there lifts their head and receives. It makes me feel entwined and it's the kind of sensation I never want to give up. Because in the end who doesn't crave unity?

I bounce my ideas off of Twitter and it's like dual conversations happen all the time and I'm the only one that hears both parts. It makes something in me smile.

The sound of the TV playing in the background, just the good bits popping out to my brain, it's like music and magic. The chair creaks with my rocking and I'm in a strangely wistful mood.

I live in the moment and sometimes I feel as though the physical world intrudes on this strange richness living in my own head. Lyrical thoughts sink and flow and I'm just typing and staring and I feel as though someone is here with me, and maybe that other person is just me? I don't know.Read more... )
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-Comic book chatterComic books )

-OMG, I just saw the sharpest thing ever.

The Assassins Creed game trailer was frickin' awesome. It was like a whole cartoon movie compacted into two minutes. It made me wish there was a whole movie.Read more... )
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I had this realization while watching Futurama tonight.

Leela spent the first seasons thinking that she was an alien, a single member of some vast other species. Then she found out she was actually a mutant. In the end, there's not a whole lot of difference--she'll always be an alien to the humans--and now she knows for sure that she is alone in the universe.

She's a species of one and she has to deal with that in some way. Some kind of powerful grieving for losing the idea that she was not alone. And in some way, I think that's how the mutants in the X-Men universe feel.

They're each a species of one. I mean, when we became homo sapiens, there were still others evolving in the same way with the same general changes. In X-Men, you've got people that control fire or water or can read minds or end up looking like giant squid heads or something.

In that context, they are all species alone.


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