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At this point, I don't even know why I'm awake. Seriousness, I'm completely exhausted, but I can't seem to close my eyes and I feel like I should be doing something.

It probably doesn't help much that it's Friday the 13th. I mean, what if I close my eyes and Freddy Krueger gets me the minute my eyes are closed? He could suck me into my bed like he killed Johnny Depp. I mean, I totally sleep with my laptop like that:

(Possibly disturbing if you've never seen Nightmare on Elm Street and you're less than 13 years old.)

Remember when they used to show scary movie marathons on Friday the 13th? Whatever happened to that? It's like everyone in the world suddenly got too old to sit around with the lights off watching seven or eight horror movies in a row while eating popcorn and quietly peeing themselves. Geez, no more fun will be had.

Anyways, here's a list of horror movies before I go sleepy bye:
Darkness -- Started off super boring, right up until I was crying because I was alone and scared out of my mind.
A Tale of Two Sisters -- Korean horror movie.
Critters -- silly scary movie franchise. Though it did make me scared to use the toilet without checking first.
It -- scary frickin' clown. 'Nough said.
The Devil's Rejects -- like a serial killer roadtrip story.
House of Wax -- I'm sorry, that whole town is creepy.
Slither -- Elizabeth Banks, Nathan Fillion, aliens. Yeah.
The Crazies -- don't drink the water. Seriously, don't drink the water.
Oldboy -- Korean revenge flick. Guy gets locked away for 15 years with no explanation.
Pandorum -- sci-fi horror.
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Saw the Korean movie "The Man From Nowhere." It was good if you like action and heroics. I liked that he had no fantasies that things were going to end well for him. All he cared about was saving the girl or at the very least making the bad guys pay.

Currently watching "Righteous Ties." I'm not expecting too much, because I'm not big on gangster movies, but I tend to watch a wide variety of movies and shows in the hopes of finding something I really like.

I guess I just don't like the thought that I might miss out on something :)

Looking for super awesome "My Boss, My Hero" fic. I know about Peroxidepest, but if anyone happens to know of anymore... Ah, the joys of following an obscure fandom.
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I am totally cracking up at this stupid, stupid movie. But #1 and #2 had a good mix of humor and drama, so they were pretty good.

The Epic movies and those kinds after that--Date Movie!--whoever made those ones was trying way too hard and I feel that they went a bit over the top.

Then succeedeing movies got more and more over the top until I couldn't watch them anymore. I've lost all taste for ridiculous movies, at least for now.

Movies I've recently seen: Real Steel, Paul, Hana, POtC 4, Captain America, Thor, and Green Lantern. Yeah, we're totally on a DVD kick versus a going to the movie theater kick.
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I just bought my dad Pirates of the Carribbean 4. He's got the whole collection now and he really loves the franchise.

Unfortunately, I've never really been into PoTC so I watched the first one, and I was finished. I haven't watched the other two and I'm going to try my best not to see this one either. Orlando Bloom was hot and I had his poster from the first movie, but that was about it for me.

To be honest, I haven't even seen most of the Harry Potter movies. I watched until Prisoner of Azkaban, then nothing. I read the books and I saw stuff on the Internet, and I knew all I needed to know to enjoy like fic stories and that was it.

I haven't seen the Twilight movies or watched the movies. I'm probably like one of the few people in the entire world at this point, but I'm just not interested. Maybe if it was Edward/Jacob, otherwise... blah. Not my thing.
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Okay, this movie just looks incredibly hokey to me. I will not be watching because I have about 0 interest.

BTW, I do not believe that any of those videos took place in 1988. Why? Because I've seen America's Funniest Home Videos and even the videos that were taken in the mid-1990's look pretty damn crappy.


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