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I love writing and sharing my stories. If I could, I would make all my writings free. But I can't.

I'm super poor with debts to pay, so every little bit helps. That book money buys me some food (it's nowhere near enough to live on) and I'm grateful for it. And I realize that there are people just as strapped for cash as I am. Sure, reading a book could be considered a luxury to be sacrificed, but what kind of world would that be and would I want to live in it?

Which is why I came up with Kimichee. I want to give everyone a chance to read my stories.

Kimichee serializes the raw version of stories and they remain available for free reading. The Paid versions are sleeker and usually have extras. I'm just starting this experiment in syndication*, but if it works, I'll provide more free content.

Everyone will be able to read my stuff. And to all those people that purchase copies of the ebooks, pbooks, pods, whatever, you'll be keeping stories like "From Diamond to Coal" and "The Panic Pure" free to read.

So to everyone that buys my books: Thank you. I love you. Don't forget to bring a towel.

- Pick up a copy of "From Diamond to Coal: Arc One" by Sol Crafter for 99ยข at Smashwords or Amazon.

- NEWS: "Heroes & Villains" will be coming out from Less Than Three Press August 14. Mark your calendars.

* I use iCopyright on Kimichee. If other people would like to syndicate my content on their site, there are free and paid options available. For book publishers, please discuss it directly with me.

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Title: The Panic Pure
Author: Harper Kingsley
Genre: mm suspense contemporary romance
Characters: Marshal/Danny, Arthur/Sophia, Joanna
Rating: Mature (just to be safe.)
Passion Level: On the sweet end of the spectrum. Hurt/comfort, cuddles, and freakishlyly romantic character.
A/N: This story contains mentions of graphic violence, child abuse, and rape/non-con. People die on screen, but it's pretty glossed. Most everything is the feels and conversation.

Summary: "Danny is locked up tight in his own world until he meets Marshal for the first time."

One of the employees of Worth Enterprises has gone missing. Marshal and his partner Joanna come into contact with Danny -- Daniel Worth, President & CEO -- in the course of their investigation. Marshal holds onto Danny's contact information. He later begins a relationship with Danny, which includes the exchange of food and ceramic goods.

EXCERPT from Chapter Six:Read more... )

The Panic Pure: Chapter One at Kimichee.

.Got Soy Milk? Make Tofu.Read more... )

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Title: The Panic Pure
Author: Harper Kingsley
Genre: mm suspense thriller


All day long he had felt nervous flutterings in his stomach, but now that the moment was finally here... Danny felt completely calm. It was as though a veil of serenity had draped itself over him and nothing bad could touch him.Read more... )

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Title: The Panic Pure
Author: Harper Kingsley
Genre: m/m romance, suspense
Summary: Daniel Worth is questioned by the FBI over the disappearance of one of his employees. The FBI agent, Marshal Newman, finds himself attracted to the young billionaire, so comes back for more questioning. Yeah, and there's this guy that's killing people or something. I suck at summaries.

Excerpt The Panic Pure  )


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