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How hard would it be for the school to get their heads out of their collective butts and go back to notifying when there's half days or days off. It's like, once they created the internet, schools just started assuming that everyone has the internet to look up everything.

I have the internet, but I guess I'm just one of those people that's thoroughly incapable of remembering to do stuff -- like remembering to revisit a site once I've been there. A lot of times I just have a bunch of random bookmarks that I have no memory of what they're for.

I realize that I am someone that needs to receive timely reminders of things, and I'm sure that there are other people like me out there. So it would be very appreciated if the schools would use all their fancy technology and get a Google calender of events and just take all the email addresses they're so happy to gather and add them to a calendar. They could just open up a yahoo group and just have the parents all be subscribers, while the teachers and principal could be the maintainers. It would be easy.

Instead, I'm left to wallow. Ah the joys of living in a rather backwards area of the US.

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How cool would it be to one day just put on a pair of overalls and a plaid shirt and just go to some tourist area and talk like the guy from Pet Cemetary? "Uh, yeah, you don't want to go on that there hill. That's the old Indian burial ground where young Mikey Jenkins got chopped up one day awhile back. Yup, you don't want anything to do with that there hill."

I think that would be absolutely hilarious.

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I guess you can take a few months off to wallow in the depths of despair or whatever. I mean, compared to the whole of your life, what's a few months lost?

What I mean, is that no one should just give up at any time for anything they want. Just because you've lost a few months or years on your schedule of things you want to do, you can still run and catch up. Because you end up with the life you dreamed of and desired; it just takes you a little longer to get there.
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