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If Leonardo DiCaprio had played Anakin Skywalker... It would be the perfect setup for the inevitable Darth Vader movie they're going to make. Because while he'd been a whispy pretty boy at that time, he's grown up to be fairly solid bodywise and he's a skilled actor.

But, since he did not play Anakin in the 2nd and 3rd Star Wars movies, the actor choice at least explains why Vader would have a voder in his helmet. Because could you imagine respecting the whining scree of young Sith Anakin Skywalker? Ugh.

He was annoying as hell.
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Family Guy is a good show because of the group dynamic. Sometimes the humor is ridiculously horrible, but nearly every episode has some kind of redeeming value. So even as you cringe from what you're watching, you can't get yourself to look away.

I've got more like for American Dad at this point, but it's hard to resist the allure of Stewie and Brian bantering their way through Stewie's childhood. It makes all those "grown up Stewie living awesomely" fics seem like they could be some kind of canon. I mean, Hannigram[1] came true, right?

1. )

In the successful!Stewie storyline, he sometimes becomes a cold and forbidding corporate guy. He's Lex Luthor-levels of rich and powerful, though he doesn't go out of his way to destroy people or the world. He's a guy with a high-paying job that should have everything he ever wants in his life.

But he's not happy. Because Brian isn't there. Brian has been dead for years. And Stewie--Stewart to everyone else, but always Stewie in his own head--hasn't gotten over it.

Because Brian was his best friend. His confidant. His soul mate and childhood companion.

Which made burying him when he was twelve years old one of the worst things to ever happen to him. Because no matter how he'd lengthened Brian's life or did all kinds of techno-wizardry, at the end of the day a hard-drinking, hard-smoking, hard-living dog just didn't live as long as a human did.

Stewie had traveled through time and changed the universe before he was out of diapers. He'd done and seen pretty much everything.

He should have been able to keep Brian alive.

But science had failed him. And Brian had smiled at him, told him it was all right.

It was hard to forgive himself after that. He'd turned away from science and focused on business and politics. Money became his driving force for years and years and years.

Until Brian had come back to him. A Brian lost through time but with that same sardonic wit and ability to make Stewie feel alive.

His dog came back to him.


And this is why they invented weed.

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I don't know how to use punctuation. It was something that I was supposedly taught, but that half the time I fake my way through using.

I thank the stars that I have a good sense of spelling. Being able to form words is a true gift. Universal literacy is something every country should strive for.
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Thoughts in my head: Firefox Hello; huffing; choking people out; American Dad

This is shit I am ready to have a conversation about. Or at the very least, I would like to be pointed to the various points of the conversation and I will put things together for myself.

* * *

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THEME: Wedding
PROMPT: prisonwife.
SCRIBBLE: After being left at the altar, she hadn't hesitated to grab the nearest available spouse. The wedding began without a single delay.

A: She ends up married to a prisonbitch. She hadn't even known what that meant until after the reception when they were alone.

It seemed that at some time he had been incarcerated for some violent crime or other. The thought of it had worried her for a long minute. Then she'd started thinking about it.

He had an exemplary prison record -- any fights he'd been involved with had never been started by him. From all evidence, he'd learned his lesson in prison.

She decides to give him a chance.

A1: It was awkward for a few days, then it slid into comfortable. She was relieved.

As they'd agreed in the wedding contract, he had his own room and his own things. She made sure that he received his allowance in his bank account every week. She tried to make him comfortable in her home.

And somehow they began watching movies together and talking for hours. It wasn't love, but it was friendship.

Their lives were slotting together and she was glad for it.
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My thoughts are not linear. Sometimes they jump around so much that it makes me weird to the people around me.

My thoughts are always jumping, and as a result my notes hop from one idea to another with very little transition.

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Sometimes I send my words out there, twisting and tangling in the wind.

They are the representatives of who I am. But who am I? I can't answer that.
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ME TALK GOOD, SORTA -> For sure there are times when I use sound effects and gestures in place of actual words. I don't know if people find it charming or not, but it's a twitch I can't control. Sometimes the correct word just won't come to my mind.

I sound ignorant, but I promise you I'm not dumb (I don't think?).Read more... )


Princess Purpleberry's Farm -> The idea of this show appeals to me. It's like Smurfs crossed with Strawberry Shortcake crossed with Rainbow Brite crossed with awesome. The idea of it hits my every button. Though I would not use the Futurama crew for it (sorry guys, but you'd have to be redone ala-Teen Titans Go was).

Where is this fandom? How do I find it? When are they going to make me a cartoon to watch? (I only need one episode. You don't have to make a series. There's OVA's you know.)
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I am a terrible person and I don't mean to be. There's just something climbing and clawing its way out of me, and it's a mean thing, mannerless and unforgiving.

There are times when I need to creep away from the crowd. I can feel the tension crawling across my face, sluglike and all-consuming. How could I look away from something as horrible as that?

My anxieties become the center of my world.

And I drift away.
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She was shamelessly unabashed as she lounged amongst the dirty bedclothes. There was a prideful gleam in her eyes and a smug tug to her lips.

She was a shining ray of light amongst the squalor of the room.

He had to have her.
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My brother's been making fun of my hand-monster thing. I thought it was cute/funny.

Though it might just be pride. Cos

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I'm at the point in my high where I feel a bit jagged. Like there's this sense of impending vomit, but it never quite happens. It just keeps lingering there on the edge of everything.

And I don't know if I feel like this because I'm coming down, or because I'm a binge eater. There, I admit it.

When the food is in front of my face, even though I don't really want it, I'm going to eat it. And of course it's going to make me feel sick.
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Jetpack keeps letting me know that my sites are down. It's very disheartening.

I have Dreamhost and I'm not sure if they're doing a good job for me. I certainly don't think that their customer service has really helped me.
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Futurama - eyePhone episode. I love Mom. She's a great character. Like she's a bit evil, but at least she's honest about it. Sure, her label looks all sweet Grandma, but in person she's up-front with the fact that she's immoral and

But she does do some nice things in other episodes, especially for Farnsworth. They never got married -- she married his rival, who was once his student instead of him -- but she does care about him. They've known each other for so long, and his leaving her back when she was young seemed cruel, but it was probably for the best world-building wise.

Seriously, she was younger and sweeter in the flashback sequences, but she was still getting him to build death machines. And he's mentally unbalanced enough to actually make anything she wanted built -- from simple toys to death machines.

Mom built her company on Farnsworth's inventions. He was the one to make the first modern robot. He played around with genetics and creating different creatures. He is a brilliant, brilliant man that can make terrible things happen.

The Professor does some extremely questionable things in the name of science, but he never sets outright to kill a bunch of people. He just makes death machines and puts them in boxes that he leaves sitting around the Planet Express office. He's skilled at making dangerous things and he's absentminded. It's a bad combination at the best of times.

And when the Professor and Mom cross paths, she pays him lots of money and does him some favors, and in return he creates impossible things for her that make lots of money.

Futurama - the last episode. I think it was sweet that in the last episode they got to live their whole lives together, then at the end they got to live it again. They had a whole lifetime to love each other and become essentially tied -- they were the only person they each had.

I don't know how long it takes for someone's psyche to accept a particular person as their one-and-only.
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There are times when I feel the need to take a step back from reality. The world just gets to be too much.

It's strange to be struck so mute, all the words drying up in an instant. The spark of paranoia starts a blaze in my stomach, and I become too scared to leave the house.

It feel helpless. That's the only word. Helpless.
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The Calvin and Hobbes [box set] -- Check out that price! When I got this it was $100, yet right now it's $59. That's such a good deal for such an awesome set.

Four giant hardback books, each with their own cardboard slip case to protect them. The paper is thick, and the quality is excellent. A definite collector's item.

If you're a fan of Calvin and Hobbes or you know someone that's a fan, these books are worth it even at $100. It's every single strip in chronological order, and there's a few extras that are really nice to have.


My room is currently overrun with lady bugs. They must have hatched out nearby, and now there's been like four of them flying around. I've killed three, but one of them is still on the loose ;_;
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"Bryson Cheese wishlist" - There's nothing in the store proper, but the wishlist shows off a lot of stuff. I'm not sure that the Sort By function is working correctly, but on the whole I think it works well. Lots of window shopping experiences.

Basic description: lots of cookware, boy's toys and clothes, women's apparel, men's apparel, movies, TV shows, sci-fi and fantasy books. It's a mishmash of things that strike a passing fancy.Read more... )
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Watching the Futurama episode where Fry gets his "human horn" stolen -- his nose. The crew goes to the black market dealer to see if someone had sold his nose there.Read more... )
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They look at me like I'm deranged just because I get upset that the TV remote control is covered in chicken grease. Like I'm some kind of freak because I get mad when I pick up the remote and feel it squish beneath my palm.

Most times I'm pretty laid back, but there are some things I simply can't deal with. Other peoples' filth is one of them.

To feel grease squish against my hand, absorbing itself into my skin... It gives me the creeps, to the point that I want to cut my hand off, which is an overreaction if there ever was one. Better that someone not touch things with their greasy fingers than me having a flip out.

I need to win a million dollars. I'd finally get a real place to live.
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Women are expected to be poked and prodded all their lives, but when it happens to a man he gets all out of sorts. Like, really dude? There are some things that need to happen to keep you healthy. Put on your big-man panties and go get it done, yo.
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My computer decided to update and restart itself. I was in the middle of writing a post, and *BLIP!* it's gone. Thanks loads Microsoft.


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