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I think that it would be an interesting day when someone could buy me.

A: The main character is very pragmatic. Money is money, and as long as certain lines aren't crossed, all is well.

A1: People sell themselves into service. Protagonist is literally bought by someone.

A2: MC allows their ideals to be swayed. (A3) There was an obscene amount of money involved.

A3: Money means less than honor, and MC never would have let money buy her silence. But they had her brother. (A4) Family was everything.

A4: She might not have cared in the once upon a time, but he was the only family she had left. His sob story had struck her partner so hard that MC hadn't had any choice.

It was either save her brother and show that she had a soft underbelly, or stay strong and lose her partner forever.

Brother better be worth all this, she thought.
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THEME: Artificial Intelligence.

PROMPT: The merging of humanity with their creations.

SCRIBBLE: If metaconsciousness was achieved, would you need your body anymore? Would you still be considered human?

A: People put their human bodies into storage and send their consciousnesses out in cyborg shells. After a time, they cease to feel a connection to their original bodies--they live lifetimes in any body that they desire.
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Thoughts in my head: Firefox Hello; huffing; choking people out; American Dad

This is shit I am ready to have a conversation about. Or at the very least, I would like to be pointed to the various points of the conversation and I will put things together for myself.

* * *

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THEME: Wedding
PROMPT: prisonwife.
SCRIBBLE: After being left at the altar, she hadn't hesitated to grab the nearest available spouse. The wedding began without a single delay.

A: She ends up married to a prisonbitch. She hadn't even known what that meant until after the reception when they were alone.

It seemed that at some time he had been incarcerated for some violent crime or other. The thought of it had worried her for a long minute. Then she'd started thinking about it.

He had an exemplary prison record -- any fights he'd been involved with had never been started by him. From all evidence, he'd learned his lesson in prison.

She decides to give him a chance.

A1: It was awkward for a few days, then it slid into comfortable. She was relieved.

As they'd agreed in the wedding contract, he had his own room and his own things. She made sure that he received his allowance in his bank account every week. She tried to make him comfortable in her home.

And somehow they began watching movies together and talking for hours. It wasn't love, but it was friendship.

Their lives were slotting together and she was glad for it.
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PROMPT: Robocop -

SCRIBBLE => His wife promised him that they would have forever. Even with what was done to him, she had promised to stay with him.
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