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I am no longer going to read reviews. They make me so sad!!!

"Estarion" is one of those things that I've played around with for years, so I was very hopeful when I put out "Book One." Today, I read this:

First of all this book is a novella. Normally I have no problem with that because that fact is normally mentioned in the description. Not so this time. Besides being short it really didn't have a very good ending. I cannot decide whether it is a novella because that was the plan all along or because the author ran out of things to write. The confusing part of this point came from the 2(well maybe 3?)points of view. The portions of the book concerning the main protagonist weren't bad. The character development was ok for the length they had to cram it in. However there was another viewpoint (maybe 2) that was high confusing. I think that 2 of the characters were 1. Like 1 was a parasite living in the other (I think).


The writing was weird as well, here are 2 examples:

(1) Ze was almost certain that ze was going through the Quickening, but ze was unBonded and alone.

(2) The meeting of the Web was everything ze had thought it was going to be. Sabian looked around at the others and knew that they were all thinking that ze had lost ze's mind.

Now like I said I think, that Sabian and ze are the same person, but I don't know.

Anyway, the premise of the book was good. Telepath on marooned spaceship makes first contact with aliens. I just wish that the author would have stuck with that story.

Is my writing style weird? I never thought so, not until I read this review. It's as though my fragile eggshell ego was completely crushed into the dust. So sad :(

I hate that I'm such a girl about people talking about me. I come across as being crazy tough, but when you get right down to it, I'm unset jell-o inside.

"Book One" is the Pollyanna being lost in space and making First Contact.
"Book Two" is Lucieus and the crew dealing with the Remani. At the same time stuff is going on in the Psi-Corp.
"Book Three" is set years after Lucieus and Sabian have made a life. A psionic ripple reaches Lucieus across the expanses of space, sending him visions of the horror taking place back at Psi-Corp between the head of the Corp and his clone-sibs.
"Book Four" is the wrap up.

All together, the four parts add up to "Estarion."

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Totally taken from my Smashwords page

Review by: Pernille Petersen on Aug. 23, 2011 : 5 stars

Wow. I liked this a lot. I like how this is definitely not the normal superhero kind of story, and I have to say I would want to read more stories with similiar plots - a superhero turns bad and you actually cheer him on!

I definitely recommend this story. Five stars!

Review by: Dane W on June 08, 2011 : 5 stars

I loved this story. The beginning was really great and I really loved Starburst and felt so bad for him, he even made me cry a couple times. Warrick was a huge asshole for the first half of the book, i liked him but he was irritating in his assholism. So much happens in this book it was crazy exciting with all the events and craziness going on. My favorite was the bank scene at 19% not sure what it was but something about that scene just makes it stand out to me.

The book was hilarious the things these characters say/think was just great I was laughing so hard at parts

The romance was a slow build up at first with lots of sexual tension. It doesn't really pick up until around 65% or so but when it did it was so sweet without being overly sweet.

Recommended for any superhero fan

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Wendy gave 4 of 5 stars to:
Heroes & Villains by Harper Kingsley
Heroes & Villains
by Harper Kingsley (Goodreads Author)
bookshelves: stanza, fantasy, mm
read in October, 2011
   While reading this book, it reminded me of some combination of my favorite old superhero cartoons and comic book stories coming to life in modern day m/m romance style!

The story has a lot of detail centering around a world made up of humans and metahumans with varying degrees of supernatural powers. Vereint (aka Starburst / Darkstar) is the equivalent of a mega metahuman with power galore who is virtually indestructible. He always dreamed about using his power to be a superhero, but alas, it’s rough being a good guy. The famous Rodney Dangerfield quote, “I get no respect, I tell ya”, summed up the situation pretty well! Warrick (aka Blue Ice) is a well-known and respected superhero and someone that Vereint always looked up to. When they meet for the first time as potential “colleagues” and Blue Ice implies that Starburst is a joke and seriously lacking in the superhero capacity, it sets in motion the emotions and actions that lead to Starburst’s transformation to Darkstar – superhero turned supervillain.

The two main characters continue to encounter each other in their good guy vs. bad guy roles and the underlying spark of attraction continues to grow. You might wonder how opposites can possibly attract and have any hope of working something out in this scenario, but the author does a fantastic job of building up a believable path for them follow into a sustainable relationship.

There were references and parts of this story that were downright humorous. I caught myself grinning and giggling a number of times! The man action in this book is very PG. We really only get exposed to kissing and some fondling with all the heavy action occurring in the background. Despite this, you still feel the sexual tension and connection between the characters.

Recommended for anyone who enjoys something different of a fantasy nature, strong plot, depth to the characters, a bad boy who’s really not all that bad, sexual tension but no sex, and definitely a few laughs!

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I saw 4 out of 5 and was all happy... then I read the review and I had to wonder if this was really good or not. It makes me want to go back and rewrite the whole book.

I need to not read reviews anymore. I'm WAY too sensitive to handle what other people say about me. I guess I've been spoiled by fanfic. I've never received a bad review before.

You should have seen me when I got a 2 out of 5 stars review... It was a world of wailing and gnashing of teeth.

4.0 out of 5 stars Interesting twist on superheroes genre, October 1, 2011
Sirius11214 - See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Heroes & Villains (Kindle Edition)

Overall I enjoyed the book. I thought the story was fun and mostly fast moving, I thought that two main characters were portrayed with sufficient depth and I enjoyed how they went from people disliking each other to where they were at the end of the story. However I sometimes felt that humorous (or was it more satirical, parodical) elements and darker elements of the story were not meshed well. In other words, while I understood what author was going for, I kind of expected a different tone in the story when associations with our times and "terrorists" are invoked. Do not get me wrong, I welcome those associations and really like when a writer does not shy away from them, I just felt kind of, I dont know, thrown out of the story, where we heard that Darkstar had a base on the moon. It was like too much of jump from absurd to reality. Not sure how to explain it better.

I also felt that author kind of forgot about Hank, when Verreint decides to take Warrick to visit his parents. I kept thinking, eh surely he meant his parents and Hank? It is not like this is even second book in the series, surely we remember that he is still there? Either that or I missed some important page where he was not there anymore.



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