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Our house doesn't have real heating. We were supposed to get a pellet stove this year, but due to circumstances we've had to put off the purchase for a while. Which means we're still stuck with the wood stove, whose heat only reaches the living room. The rest of the house is like living in a walk-in freezer. (My dad has a heater in his office and his bedroom as well as an electric blanket and one of those heat pad things. I have two blankets.)

I bought a hot-water bottle from Walmart for less than $5, and OMG, it has completely changed my life. I fill it up with near-boiling water and wrap it in a towel. I put it down near my feet when I go to bed and it keeps my toes toasty warm all night, as well as keeping the rest of the bed warmer. It's also great to fill it up and put it next to my legs before wrapping up in a blanket while I'm writing. My fingers are still chilly, but the rest of me is kept from freezing to death and I don't have to give up writing.

It doesn't mean I'm going to stop saving dollars for a pellet stove and a heater, but the hot-water bottle is great until that happens.
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I don't have to break them out very often, but whenever I do I'd like to be able to find them easily. As it is, I have to search through all my folders and dig around and it's just a complete waste of time.

If I remember correctly, they're in a folder that ended up in a weird place when I change computers and Windows decided to rearrange all my shit. Which I still, even now, don't know why they have to do every single time they upgrade or whatever.

You'd think my fucking preferences would tell Windows that I want my folders a certain way. You don't have to rearrange the data tree every single time. It's stupid, especially considering it's always the same basic setup, just with different icons. No love for that.

So anyway, I'm scouring through my whole computer once again, trying to remember where those icons ended up. I just thought they'd be perfect for Disqus, as they're 100x100 px.
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Have you ever been shocked when looking at someone's blog page? You're in total Like for someone and follow their every blog post ... through your blog reader. Then one day something breaks down and you end up having to go direct to the source.

And you realize your Internet crush has totally awful taste. Like so horrific you're not sure whether you should be crying or not.Read more... )

There's just something so dream crushing when you're pulled out of the Matrix and see things as they really are.

It would be so much kinder if the fantasy could remain forever and you could continue using things like the LJ Friends page or Triberr to read blogs. Because there are some things that once seen, can never be unseen. They burn their way into your brain forever and that written voice you've half fallen in love with will forever be tinged with the memory of your ad blocker flickering in the corner tray and way too much happening in one place at one time.

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So I've been writing the hell out of some stuff. I've given myself a 500 word minimum for each story daily and that seems to be fairly easy to keep to, though I'm not a hundred percent on how long that's going to last :)

Stories on my writing queue:
The Brand -- mm science fiction novel. Release month: May 2012.
Hermaphroditus -- mm fantasy novel. Release month: May 2012.
Sapphire -- mm science fiction novel. Release month: May 2012.
Altredes -- science fiction novel. Release month: July 2012.
Shade//Black Hood -- mm fantasy novel. Release month: August 2012.
Bastian -- mm contemporary romance novella. Release month: April 2012.
Doggy Style -- mm supernatural romance novella. Release month: April 2012.
Fiends -- mm supernatural romance novella. Release month: April 2012.
Throwaway -- short story. Release month: March 2012.
Tin Can Treasure -- mm romance novella. Release month: March 2012.
Tuesday Night -- mm superhero novella. Release month: April 2012.

Stories I'm trying to get all wrapped up neatly for publication:
Allies & Enemies -- superhero novel. I killed a ton of people. Like a TON.
Ersatz -- mm contemporary romance. This was done, then I got a wild hair and decided to add about 15,000 more words. Doh!
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How hard would it be for the school to get their heads out of their collective butts and go back to notifying when there's half days or days off. It's like, once they created the internet, schools just started assuming that everyone has the internet to look up everything.

I have the internet, but I guess I'm just one of those people that's thoroughly incapable of remembering to do stuff -- like remembering to revisit a site once I've been there. A lot of times I just have a bunch of random bookmarks that I have no memory of what they're for.

I realize that I am someone that needs to receive timely reminders of things, and I'm sure that there are other people like me out there. So it would be very appreciated if the schools would use all their fancy technology and get a Google calender of events and just take all the email addresses they're so happy to gather and add them to a calendar. They could just open up a yahoo group and just have the parents all be subscribers, while the teachers and principal could be the maintainers. It would be easy.

Instead, I'm left to wallow. Ah the joys of living in a rather backwards area of the US.

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How cool would it be to one day just put on a pair of overalls and a plaid shirt and just go to some tourist area and talk like the guy from Pet Cemetary? "Uh, yeah, you don't want to go on that there hill. That's the old Indian burial ground where young Mikey Jenkins got chopped up one day awhile back. Yup, you don't want anything to do with that there hill."

I think that would be absolutely hilarious.

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Read 103 chapters, could not go on. I kept reading and reading, hoping it would get better. It did not. Lame.

The premise was of someone getting to go back in time and fix the errors he made in his life before. It kind of intrigued me so I started reading. And I read and I read and I read and I read... Until I reached chapter 103 and I realized I just couldn't do it anymore. There were 121 chapters in the story, and I couldn't finish it.

My only real regret is that I wasted so much of my life reading the story, then to get so very very far and be unable to finish... It makes me pretty regretful.

Someone out there took what should have been an awesome story idea, and turned it into an overbloated travesty. I do not understand the preoccupation people have with trying to stretch a story out to gigantic proportions. What good does that really do anyone? Whatever happened to the idea of brevity?

Less talky, more walky. Get in, get some, get gone. Pizza and pie.

Back in "olden times," a novel might only have been 50,000 words and would be considered all wrapped up. But lately it seems as though some authors want to take their 50,000 words worth of story and spread it out to over 300,000 words. And most of those authors reside on FF.net.

I would probably want to say something to them, except their fans would probably come after me gangland style. So many stars and sparkles going after me would probably wreck my world. So instead of saying things direct, I stew away in my house quietly pitching a bitch. Oh well.
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Okay, so I wasn't going to say anything about this, but I can't believe no one else is just like WTF? about the first commenter "Julie's" statement.

Article from Asexual News: here
Basically, it's about how Sweden doesn't acknowledge the gender change until after surgery, which basically means after someone has been sterilized.

To which Julie commented:

"Having laws to have transgenders be sterilized is understandable. The effects on any children they have aren't certain and probably won't be pretty. Nothing against transgenders, but a lot of research needs to be done into this first before transgenders start having kids. A lot of unnatural things like this (like changing from natural gender, I mean) were assumed to be safe too early and ended up causing the children to end up with some kind of horrible disease. Women used to take drugs to stop morning sickness during pregnancy and for many years people assumed it was safe, but thousands of children ended up being born with flippers instead of hands and feet. Unfortunately, I have a feeling a lot of this could be out of transphobia. This shouldn't be about hatred but about worry over what kind of effect these surgeries could have on their children. But people should also keep an open mind rather than blindly calling every little thing prejudice."
How in the world can having surgery = unnatural flipper children? Sure, there might be effects from hormones or whatnot, but I'm pretty sure there are like doctors or something out there. You know, science guys that will sit someone down and explain everything in small, easy to understand words. To which the person wanting to have a kid will be like, "Okay, so I just stay off my meds until after the pregnancy. Kthnx."

I feel like yelling at this chick for being so incredibly stupid, but I'm a firm believer that ignorance can be cured by knowledge (or a big stick.) But seriously, I have to worry that somewhere out there she's driving a car and teaching her children to be just as dumb.
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I bought some clay and have been playing around with that. * Me and the kids have been watching "Beakman's World," which they really seem to enjoy. * The Muppet movie was actually pretty enjoyable, which I've mentioned before, but that I want to reiterate. * New ideas are constantly popping into my head, which makes it harder to work on the things I've already started. Too many ideas is just as bad as not having any at all.

What I'm working on:
-"The Creeping Chill" [horror]
-"Altredes" [drama]
-"From Diamond to Coal" [mm sci-fi]
-"Just Another Titanic Tuesday" [mm AU]
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Saw the Korean movie "The Man From Nowhere." It was good if you like action and heroics. I liked that he had no fantasies that things were going to end well for him. All he cared about was saving the girl or at the very least making the bad guys pay.

Currently watching "Righteous Ties." I'm not expecting too much, because I'm not big on gangster movies, but I tend to watch a wide variety of movies and shows in the hopes of finding something I really like.

I guess I just don't like the thought that I might miss out on something :)

Looking for super awesome "My Boss, My Hero" fic. I know about Peroxidepest, but if anyone happens to know of anymore... Ah, the joys of following an obscure fandom.
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I am no longer going to read reviews. They make me so sad!!!

"Estarion" is one of those things that I've played around with for years, so I was very hopeful when I put out "Book One." Today, I read this:

First of all this book is a novella. Normally I have no problem with that because that fact is normally mentioned in the description. Not so this time. Besides being short it really didn't have a very good ending. I cannot decide whether it is a novella because that was the plan all along or because the author ran out of things to write. The confusing part of this point came from the 2(well maybe 3?)points of view. The portions of the book concerning the main protagonist weren't bad. The character development was ok for the length they had to cram it in. However there was another viewpoint (maybe 2) that was high confusing. I think that 2 of the characters were 1. Like 1 was a parasite living in the other (I think).


The writing was weird as well, here are 2 examples:

(1) Ze was almost certain that ze was going through the Quickening, but ze was unBonded and alone.

(2) The meeting of the Web was everything ze had thought it was going to be. Sabian looked around at the others and knew that they were all thinking that ze had lost ze's mind.

Now like I said I think, that Sabian and ze are the same person, but I don't know.

Anyway, the premise of the book was good. Telepath on marooned spaceship makes first contact with aliens. I just wish that the author would have stuck with that story.

Is my writing style weird? I never thought so, not until I read this review. It's as though my fragile eggshell ego was completely crushed into the dust. So sad :(

I hate that I'm such a girl about people talking about me. I come across as being crazy tough, but when you get right down to it, I'm unset jell-o inside.

"Book One" is the Pollyanna being lost in space and making First Contact.
"Book Two" is Lucieus and the crew dealing with the Remani. At the same time stuff is going on in the Psi-Corp.
"Book Three" is set years after Lucieus and Sabian have made a life. A psionic ripple reaches Lucieus across the expanses of space, sending him visions of the horror taking place back at Psi-Corp between the head of the Corp and his clone-sibs.
"Book Four" is the wrap up.

All together, the four parts add up to "Estarion."

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I guess you can take a few months off to wallow in the depths of despair or whatever. I mean, compared to the whole of your life, what's a few months lost?

What I mean, is that no one should just give up at any time for anything they want. Just because you've lost a few months or years on your schedule of things you want to do, you can still run and catch up. Because you end up with the life you dreamed of and desired; it just takes you a little longer to get there.
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Just saw the start of an episode of "Stargate Universe" and I was like "Oh my God, what is this show? It looks so good!"

Bear in mind that I've never watched an episode of Stargate Universe. I ducked out on Stargate Atlantis somewhere during the third season, and other than a stray episode here and there, I was complete out of the show. Not to say out of the fandom, just out of watching the canon episodes. So that lets you know that I have no interest whatsoever in Stargate Universe.

But wow, the order of the clips really made it look good. Like, I was actually thinking "This just might be my new Battlestar Galactica right there" when my brain finally put the clues together and I realized what show it was.
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So, this is the new cover for "Heroes & Villains." I think they look very prettiful together, don't you?

Should be available as a TPB soon(ish) and will be available for purchase from Amazon et al.

My issues with Semagic right now: Giving me some trouble uploading images. It currently won't let me log into LiveJournal, though I can still crosspost through my Dreamwidth account (very weird, yo.) A couple of times, I've clicked "Post," it's said it's successful, but then nothing goes out. Very much unhappy making :(
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I use Semagic to post around the internet, but for some reason lately it hasn't been able to find LiveJournal. I keep getting a "404 Resource Not Found" message, which is really frustrating me :(

I can post to Dreamwidth and Wordpress, but it simply cannot find LJ. Anyone else having this issue out there?
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The kids are driving me crazy. No, not for themselves or what they're doing around me, but what they're doing at school :(

The girl came home with her third red card. Basically, the teacher gives three serious warnings, then she has to bring a red card home and I have to sign it. The girl has gotten three already this year.

She just refuses to be quiet in class. She has other emotional problems and stuff, but this is getting ridiculous. Three cards in a month. Sucks.

The worst thing is that her being around makes the boy act out, so together they're just a couple of hellions.

I don't think I would ever be able to write a precocious kid!fic. Why? Because kids are jerks.
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-Comic book chatterComic books )

-OMG, I just saw the sharpest thing ever.

The Assassins Creed game trailer was frickin' awesome. It was like a whole cartoon movie compacted into two minutes. It made me wish there was a whole movie.Read more... )
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I am totally cracking up at this stupid, stupid movie. But #1 and #2 had a good mix of humor and drama, so they were pretty good.

The Epic movies and those kinds after that--Date Movie!--whoever made those ones was trying way too hard and I feel that they went a bit over the top.

Then succeedeing movies got more and more over the top until I couldn't watch them anymore. I've lost all taste for ridiculous movies, at least for now.

Movies I've recently seen: Real Steel, Paul, Hana, POtC 4, Captain America, Thor, and Green Lantern. Yeah, we're totally on a DVD kick versus a going to the movie theater kick.
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Look at this! I don't know how long it's going to last, but considering it came out today I'm tentatively very pleased.

How cool is that?

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I just bought my dad Pirates of the Carribbean 4. He's got the whole collection now and he really loves the franchise.

Unfortunately, I've never really been into PoTC so I watched the first one, and I was finished. I haven't watched the other two and I'm going to try my best not to see this one either. Orlando Bloom was hot and I had his poster from the first movie, but that was about it for me.

To be honest, I haven't even seen most of the Harry Potter movies. I watched until Prisoner of Azkaban, then nothing. I read the books and I saw stuff on the Internet, and I knew all I needed to know to enjoy like fic stories and that was it.

I haven't seen the Twilight movies or watched the movies. I'm probably like one of the few people in the entire world at this point, but I'm just not interested. Maybe if it was Edward/Jacob, otherwise... blah. Not my thing.


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