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Prince Lucian

The first time Lucian met Jenny he was instantly enamored by her strength and beauty. She was completely arresting even from clear across the room, her fiery red hair rippling around her shoulders in waves, glinting with darker color.

Her skin was smooth and fair with only a slight sprinkle of freckles across her nose. Her lips were pouty and full, her chin a doll-like curve. She should have been delicate, a vulnerable young woman not just in her looks, but her actions as well. Only one glimpse of her hard green eyes dispelled the notion before it could fully form.

Her voice when they were introduced wasn't the girlish thing he was expecting, but a harsh and sexy growl. He could see the scars on he neck where someone had gotten too rough and crushed her trachea, damaging her voice box. She had a history of pain. He wanted to know more.

There were small, faded marks on her hands where her flesh had been nicked and cut and larger patches where her knuckles had broken through the skin with the hard impacts of her fists striking targets. The parts of her arms revealed by her dress were lean but strong with muscle and the flex of her thighs made him shift in place with sudden arousal.

It wasn't quite love and it wasn't completely lust, but he was definitely fascinated. And when she rejected his first advances, he knew he had to have her.

Prince Lucian set himself to pursue Jenny Deacon and make her his own.

(He saves the option of breaking her as a last resort. But it's there.)

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by Sol Crafter
Genre: mm contemporary romance
Summary: It's what you do when you go to Vegas -- getting married to a random stranger and having to deal with the aftermath. Natasha is not handling it well, and Riley is not being the supporto-guy he always promised he'd be. Though he does kind of appreciate the handsome stranger he's found himself waking up next to.

Available soon(ish).

Excerpt --

They lay sprawled across the tangled sheets, their faces turned from each other but their dark hair meshing on the pillow. Morning light edged in around the gaps in the curtains and the only sound in the room was their quiet breaths.

The hotel room door slammed open with a panicked "Oh holy shit fuck!" from the woman that burst in. Her blond hair was in wild disarray around her shoulders and her tiny black dress was missing one strap and looked as though it had been hastily pulled down over her head. There were still traces of vivid red lipstick around her mouth and her mascara had been smeared to the point of raccoonishness.

Riley jerked upright on the bed, then clutched his head with a heartfelt groan. His usually sun-gilded skin was gray and sickly, his forehead dotted with sweat. "What?" he rasped, blowing out his cheeks. His stomach roiled unpleasantly and for a second he thought he was about to vomit on himself, but he managed to swallow it back down. "Natasha?"

"You gotta help me, this is so stupid, how could something like this have happened? Why would you let me do this?" she shrilled, digging her hands into her hair.

"Nat. Nat. Natasha!" Once he was sure he'd gotten her attention, Riley patted the air in front of himself with his hand. "I have no idea what you're talking about. What did you do? Why are you freaking out?"

She licked her lips, her wild brown eyes focusing on him. "This," she said, holding out her left hand.

Riley had to squint to see, then it took a moment for it to click. "Is that a ring?"

"It's a motherfucking wedding ring!" She shook her hand furiously at him. "I'm that stupid chick that wakes up in Vegas fucking married to some guy I met last night. How the hell could you let this happen to me?"

His mouth just opened and closed soundlessly as he stared at that glint of silver on her ring finger.

"Who are you people? What's going on?" a sleep-roughened voice asked.
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Title: Fiends
Author: Sol Crafter
Genre: supernatural mm romance
Word count of excerpt: 5,240

Summary: The fiend Teablossom has been given the task of corrupting a young human man.

This is the first chapter. My current priority :)

EXCERPT: Chapter One )

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Title: Centrifugal
Author: Sol Crafter
Genre: mm contemporary romance
Summary: Marty is one of the stars of a cheesy sci-fi show. Jim is a rock superstar. They've been friends forever, though now it's turned to something more.

Read more... )
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Title: Orpheus
Author: Sol Crafter
Genre: sci-fi, erotica
Rating: Adult
Summary: Story taken from "Narcissus." In a future where no one really dies forever, Ego-Corp can make your loss no longer relevant.

Narcissus cover Read: ORPHEUS )

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Look at this! I don't know how long it's going to last, but considering it came out today I'm tentatively very pleased.

How cool is that?


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