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What really pisses me off is when a show goes exclusive to a single digital provider. Really, guys? Really?

I've gotta wait so long for shows to appear on Netflix that it's simply irritating. I've had Hulu and Amazon and DramaFever and Crackle and Viki accounts ... yet most of them are useless because I realized I wasn't watching them. I was throwing away money on a service that I switch back and forth amongst; I've always got a different favorite. I spent long stretches of time with Hulu before the commercials started getting ridiculous and I'd caught up with my watching, then I switched to mainly DramaFever and Netflix. And I only watched Amazon the once when I bought a movie from them.

Is there some kind of service where I can watch all the different digital services through? It could excuse itself as being hardware, a tool to access Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. "A way to make client accounts easier for the client to navigate. No more switching back and forth through services. One search functionality for all."

There's all these great shows and movies out there, but when they're available exclusively on certain services, it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I don't mind paying for the shows, but I hate how little control I have about what I get to watch without having to switch between services.

I would think my digital services could be managed like channels on a TV. I mean, seriousness, our current TV has more memory than the computer I had when I was a teenager and it accesses Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu natively. Why can't my TV allow me to create an entertainment play list that it shuffles through? Instead, the Netflix we've got will finish playing a show and then just go to the video page. I want shows to start themselves.

I don't know. I'm just pissed off that there's only season one of Venture Bros on Netflix. I've got all the seasons on DVD, but I don't want to bother getting out the discs. And there's no package deal with Vudu or whatever. It just reminds me how Viacom snatched South Park away from me. I'm dissatisfied (even though all the episodes can be watched at South Park Studios online).
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My dad is watching this thing on KCTS 9 about comic books. They're talking about how gritty they've gotten and it's pretty interesting. I can't get into it though because I'm still too bitter about what DC has done to all their female characters. All the non-con and torture and death.

I used to be such a huge Supergirl and Batgirl fan. I would buy them all the time and could never wait for the newest issues. Now ... Meh. How can I get into a book when every time I turn around it's just going to be rebooted or the characters I love are going to be murder-death-killed?

I'm not into murder porn.
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I like to watch network programming. I like not having to spend a long time scheduling what I'm going to watch. I like new good stuff, but I also enjoy being surprised by an oldie but goodie.

There's something nice about picking up the remote control and flipping through the channels. I can tune to a particular channel and enjoy the white noise. I don't even mind commercials, though I wish there were more cool movie trailers and less car commercials. I enjoy kicking back with my TV. Yet I haven't been able to really do that lately.

It seems like all of a sudden all my TV is showing are gross sex commercials. That's what the Internet is for people!

I don't know why, but from about 5 pm onward, one out of three commercials is for things like vibrators and relationship stuff. There's half-dressed girls promising me a good time and licking their lips, promising to enlarge my penis with their magic sex pills. Old people are having sex across my TV. There's sad-eyed animals popping up between the jokes on cartoons to make me depressed enough to buy the antidepressants offered. There are some channels I don't watch even if there's a great movie on because of commercials. I would think the networks would have some control over what kinds of commercials are being shown between their programming, but I guess not.

Once Netflix and Hulu start adding channels I'm going to stop watching regular TV altogether. We'll be able to cancel Direct TV and that will be hundreds of dollars back in the pocket. Or maybe Amazon Prime will have something like network channels.

I like cable channels like Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Syfy, TNT, AMC, BBCA, Hub, USA, TBS, FX, Logo, Spike, and Ion as well as the public channels. Unfortunately, my local cable provider sells space to awful commercials I can't stand. Past a certain hour I don't tune to some stations because it's going to be a night of terrible commercials that will throw me out of the show or make me want to kill myself. It's not worth it.

I'm pretty open minded about things, but I don't like sex shoved in my face. I have my own preferences, and one preference is that I find stuff like that when I'm interested in finding it. And usually, when I'm sitting back watching TV with my family, I'm not thinking about condoms. I want to watch TV without feeling like a pervert in front of my family.

Come on, cable guys, the commercials you're showing make me want to crawl out of my skin. You're why people have stopped watching TV.
Nov. 11th, 2011 01:42 am

Moral Orel

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I'm sitting here watching "Moral Orel" and it is like completely changing my world. It's so crazy. Is it wrong that I like the father on Moral Orel the best? He has like hidden depths that actually make me enjoy his character--I'd probably run from his semi-psychotic ass in real life.

The dad and the coach are my favorite characters. There's like this total love/obsession bRead more... )
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Is it wrong to say that I'm madly in love with Lee Pace? I'm currently watching my old "Pushing Daisies" DVD and am once again reminded just how adorable he is. Plus, when I saw that someone was using him as their personal version of Harry Dresden I couldn't help the complete and utter "Squee!" that overtook me.

I love him dearly and I feel that he should be in a whole lot more movies and TV. He's the perfect pie maker.

So stick that in your pie hole.
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I am currently watching "World's Dumbest" and it's literally (sic) the best thing ever. Dude decided to indulge in a car chase while driving a tow truck WITH A CAR ATTACHED.

World of Awesome.

The only thing that might be a better experience right now, is if "Wipeout" were on. I love that show.


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