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There's a few things happening in my life at the moment.

I was given a new laptop on Tuesday and I spent the whole night and most of yesterday transferring files and arranging my personal settings. Things still aren't the way I would like them, but they're getting there.

The hardest thing is getting used to Windows 8. It had me cursing in frustration at first -- especially when I accidentally misspelled my email address during sign up and there was no way to go back and correct things. I nearly tore my hair out in a rage over that one.

Still, having a new computer is awesome and I'm happy to have it.

So for Father's Day, I'm writing my dad a science fiction thing. He's never read anything I've written, as I'm secretive as fuck, but whatever. I'm not using any of my writing names on it, so he'll be able to brag as he'd like with no worries.

(Seriously, there's dozens of things he's not down with. The kindest term is to say that he's "old fashioned" and he spent his childhood either in Kansas or in a family that would never be described as accepting of other cultures and races. There are times when he expresses views that make my eyebrows touch my hairline. Which means he would never be accepting of the things I write or basically of me.)

I'll be writing him a story that's basically sci-fi for old white guys. You'd probably not like it, though who knows.

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Crown = headband to send thoughts to a phone.

Halo = technology William Neeley markets. Headbands to send thoughts to a phone. CyberAngel Technologies. (FDtC)

Cymplant = replaces the halo by being an amplifier attached to the inside of a person's skull plate. Clearer thought signals are received and the user doesn't have to carry anything. CyberAngel Technologies. (FDtC)
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I have been working on "Paradigm Shift," so there will be a next part coming up shortly. It's just that I've been focusing on adding Park's story for my beta readers. I want to give them complete chapters to look at, which means adding Park's pieces in-between Gregor's and smoothing things over. It's putting me back on my editing of the Gregor portions of the current chapters.

Does that make sense? It's very late and I've been indulging a little. (It's the only thing that keeps me from sneaking over to the fanfiction sites. I am forced to focus on one task at a time because of the weird fluidity of time. Having to hold onto my equilibrium means I slog forward one foot in front of the other toward a singular goal. Then, when that one's done, it's on to the next, and then the next, and so forth until I fall asleep.) I would usually be crawling the Internet, mindlessly clicking on things, but I felt like I should let you guys know what's going on with my writing. It's something I need to do while it's at the front of my mind.

- I've been working on "Paradigm Shift": Adding Dylan's part. Editing chapters 1-5. Posting them to my lovely betas :) Writing next section of ParaShift (though it's currently in handwritten pages, which need to be typed up before editing).
- Wrapping up Part Four of "Tuesday Night": It's more action-heavy than I usually write, which is hard for me. These guys are so thought-heavy and full of feelings that some scenes don't want to come out the way I first plan. Which means rewriting, rearrangement, and reassessment. (The story has become so much better thanks to Kat and Katherine, who have pointed out my continuity errors and all the things that struck them as weird. I'm reworking the beginning, and it's turning out better.)
- Glossing through "Faizel's" second adventure. Still missing that big chunk of scene near the beginning, but most everything else is turning out beautiful. Shiny!
- I've got several short pieces I've been editing/picking through.

Title: Paradigm Shift
Author: Harper Kingsley
Genre: mm, sci-fi
Rating: Mature
Tags: apocalypse, plague, zombies, forced marriage, HEA, State Rule story, sex
Tags for Gregor Tierney: A/B/O, genetic modifications, body horror, pragmatic character
Tags for Dylan Park: military society, violence, Law Officer, politics
Warnings: genetic modification, capability of mpreg, mentions of forced breeding, fascist society, post-zombie apocalypse

Gregor's story is being posted online, but Dylan's story will be available in the completed book. Here is chapter one:
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I am writing such incredibly smutty smut that I can't even ... ung. I don't know if anyone else would want to read such filth, but geez, it's really hitting my own buttons pretty hard. One character trying to be the good guy and holding back, while the other guy is writhing across the bed begging for it. Dirty talk, dirty boy, dirty dirty dirty.

In the usual course of events I don't really write many sex-scenes. I've done a few kink-meme fills, but that's all fanfic and it was anonymous. This shit is going to have my name on it, and it is some serious sexy sex stuff.

So ashamed. But I'm still writing this.
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Whiteboard 1: Universe A + B
Too bad about the flare from the overhead light.
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I've been sneaking in to use my brother's desk and chair. I'm a little jealous; it would be nice to have an office of my own. Plus he has a large white board and I've been writing on it, snapping a picture, and adding them to my reference folder in Scrivener.

I usually write from my bed, but my laptop started overheating and my lapdesk broke. There's no way that I can comfortably type with my laptop on my lap -- it's a brick. For a while I was writing with my Kindle Fire, but the spellcheck updated and now it sucks. It autocorrects my words even when I type them out. Plus my case makes it too heavy for me to hold it for very long. My thumb has started acting weird lately.Read more... )
Jan. 30th, 2014 02:41 am

Universe G

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aMaret = Lord/Lady.
Court = Hex gather to a MaretHex and attempt to find a place in his or her household. They live to receive Favor.
Favor = a MaretHex offering a Hex manna is seen as a Favor being granted.
fountain = a fountain is built around a Spring. The blood for Imbuing go into the basin of the fountain, giving it a place to mix and propagate. The fountain keeps the blood from washing away before it can begin multiplying.
Hex = a humanoid species able to change their bodies to drastic degrees. With the use of manna, some Hex are able to perform "magic."
Imbue = when a MaretHex uses their blood to increase manna and cause something to happen. They Imbue an uncapped Spring to cause manna production.
Inner Court = a MaretHex' favored followers, kept close.
manna = a self-replicating substance that when in contact with a human body results in metahuman abilities.
Majority = when a MaretHex comes into their power and is able to Imbue others and bestow Favors.
MaretHex = royalty of their species. They live 500-800 years on average. (Stronger MaretHex can live thousands of years.)
Spring = an outpouring of a particular kind of radiation that can happen naturally. The MaretHex build fountains around the Springs and add their blood to create the manna production. (A strong enough MaretHex can add a few drops of imbued blood and power a Spring; other MaretHex can spend centuries Imbuing an uncapped Spring before it works.)

Spoiler Alert!
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Seriousness, sometimes I'm amazed by my own writing. Not because it's super awesome good or anything, but because I'm shocked I can hold a story together for that many words. I mean, some of this shit is 140k! That's a lot of chapters, a lot of words, a lot of plotty porny stuff I'm throwing out there.

And of course, there are the times when I don't visit a story for a while and I read through it and ... Wow.

I have a bad memory, it's one of those quirks about me. I can remember the basic plot of a story, but I forget the writing style and the words used. So when I read some of my stuff, I get blown away. Like I'll be reading and I'll think, "Man, this is really good. Did I really write this?"

I seriously took an old story I wrote and ran it through copyscape because I was suddenly afraid that it belonged to someone else. There's no way I can write Xena-fic that good. I must have plagiarized someone. But nope, that's my Strife/Hermes slash story from like 2003.

I wonder when I lost the ability to write like that. Because seriously, that's some good soup. I'm jealous of ten years ago me.

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I watch Venture Bros while I write. (Hank from H&V is named after Hank Venture.) I load the discs in my computer and watch in a window next to my Scrivener.

I'm one of those people that needs a bit of noise and flashing color to write. I need to multitask, otherwise I get obsessive about stupid stuff. Having a video playing distracts my brain enough that I can actually write (versus wasting all the time ever created).

I can't watch anything too plotty while writing and I tend to stay away from stuff I've not seen yet. I like snappy dialogue and situational comedy (when are two henchmen arguing about using jetpacks or the viability of Smurfs not completely awesome? Never). I write best to half hour shows that wrap up neatly.

Favorite shows to write to:
Venture Bros
South Park
Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
The Crazies
American Dad
Family Guy
The Cleveland Show
Invader Zim

I love Metalocalypse, but that's more walking stuff than writing. Just listening to the dialogue is entertaining. Gets the heart pumping :P

"Well I'm going to go out there and get some of that action."
"Uh, don't you want to change?"
"No way. I love wearing a tux when I kill guys. It makes you kind of feel like James Bond."
-Brock Samson & Rusty Venture
Venture Brothers - Fallen Arches
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I have spent the last day and a half putting together an Elance profile and submitting proposals. It's been a little bit of a headache, but my corresponding blog article is coming along nicely. So expect some magic to happen in the near future :P

What else... I've been writing (of course) and there should be story updates all around in the next few days. Not just original, but fan stuff too. I know there's some people that have been desperately waiting for me to wrap up that Xander/Spike thing, and I don't mean to be a tease, but sometimes the words need a little time to start flowing.

Anyways, I've been working on the upkeep of my farm on Farm Up. I've been obsessively growing corn and whatever the hell courgettes are *shrug* and my farm is turning out beautifully. I do wish the game would let me visit other places though. It gets kind of boring when I'm out of energy, my crops are growing, and there's nothing for me to do around the farm itself. Unfortunately, I guess I have a bunch of quests to do before I'm going to be allowed any freedom. Dammit.
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I was talking up the idea of me being a big writerly success to my brother. To which he responded with that eyeball flicker that is practically a shout of "Who fucking cares? You reek of desperation!"

I get really enthusiastic about things. And sometimes I go overboard when I try to talk up some of my plans because I'm uncertain of what I'm doing. I'm making shit up as I go along, and I try to get some live feedback on what my next steps should be. But my brother's not an expert, and it's in a field he doesn't care about, and I have a tendency to turn all conversations to me... So he doesn't give a shit, but he's trying; just not very hard.

I'm adrift in a world I don't understand, and even with all the Internet research, there's just some things you need to learn from a live person. Because I'm terrible at following directions. I need to see something working before it really clicks in my brain. So all of my great money-making ideas are largely theoretical because I don't know how to drive a dump truck, I don't know how to cut tile, and I'm not sure who to go to for an investment loan and how to fill all the forms out right.

There's people making careers doing stuff on the Internet. I know they're doing it. I've seen them. Small stores are saving themselves by expanding to sell their stuff online. Laundromats are making pick up/deliver tickets through phone apps. People are paying bills with Four Square. The Real and the Unreal are merging and we are completely caught up in the Wired...

Fuck ten year plans, the world is moving too fast, you can't even make one anymore. So here I am fumbling around trying to come up with a two year plan, and I feel like a monkey trapped in a room with a typewriter. "No bananas for you until you come up with Shakespeare!" How about Dean Koontz? "Not good enough!"
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People see protesters and scoff. "Pshaw, that don't work."

But it does work.

The voice of the people wants to be heard, and when it's a subject people really care about that voice can be heard far and wide. Take a bunch of K-pop fans and see how loud they can be, and that's a sound that cannot be ignored.

I write a lot about State governments. Some people might find the idea offensive, but I think it could be our future. I watch the news and I see the things that are happening in the world, and I can't help imagining a future where events could take place that would result in countries of the world merging into single government groups. Eventually there would be a Unified Earth in the far future, but in a more closer timeline I could see the residents of a continent being assimilated into one society. And it can happen in different ways.

In Paradigm Shift, there was a massive war that wiped out most of the people on Earth. It was a "zombie apocalypse" in the sense that the dead walked, but there's an explanation that's a big part of the plot. Anyways, humans manage to find a cure for the zombie virus and order is restored with State Rule in control. There are Law Officers and Primes to mete out justice in the day to day, with set penalties to each offense, and Sector Judges for the larger offenses. Every citizen is taught the Laws in school so there is no confusion about what will happen if they do something wrong. It doesn't matter what social status someone is, if they break the same Law they receive the same punishments; all citizens are treated the same irregardless of social standing.

It's also a fascist society that has some draconian punishment laws. That's all built up after the human race is hit by a plague that renders all females sterile. Humans are on the brink of extinction and the State and its officials are doing everything they can to stop it. Even subjugation of whole classes of people.

In Idlewile, the State runs most aspects of peoples' lives. Idols of sports, music, and video are raised up for the adulation of the people. There are no hungry, no homeless, no hopelessly destitute citizens. Every person is ensured a daily ration of vat protein, though animal meat is an expensive luxury as are real fruits and vegetables. The world is largely at peace, as dissension is not allowed. The State knows all. The State sees all. And punishments are swift and happen in the night.

In both stories there were protests about the State taking over, but the protests were weak and ineffective. In Paradigm Shift, Gregor's mother was killed at the Clavell Protest, also known as the Massacre of Clavell. In Idlewile, Idle's parents were too outspoken with their views about the State. They were taken in the night and Idle was separated from his younger sister for special education.

State Rule in Paradigm Shift came about through war and violence, while in Idlewile it was a quiet seeping loss of control. Both have Law Officers and Judges, though Paradigm Shift has the Primes who are trained to be human weapons. Idlewile has giant robots, Paradigm Shift has genetically modified humans. Both have an all-powerful government looming over the citizenry.
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I've been trying to write, but I've probably only written 1000 words in the past several hours. It's kind of aggravating, because I keep grinding away, trying to write. It's not going well.

I was kind of happy because my brother let me use his bluetooth dongle (dongle!) and I've been able to use my new keyboard. It's been working great and I've been having a lot of fun lounging on the couch typing from clear across the room. It's like magic, or technology. Someday I plan to have a big screen mounted on my bedroom wall and I'll do all my writing from my bed, where I'll gain several hundred pounds because for some reason I can't stop eating! Seriously, I've been eating the heck out of some food, and even though I keep telling myself to stop, I've been getting hit with craving on top of craving.

I'm going to have to do some exercising tomorrow or I'm not going to be able to fit into my pants anymore, and how awful is that.

-I edited some on Allies & Enemies, and it's coming along great. Here, have an excerpt: rated Teen+ for language (the F-word, and the B-word.)
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-I've also been working on Paradigm Shift and there will be updates.
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Faizel book coverTitle: Faizel
Author: Harper Kingsley
Pairing: Faizel/Charlemagne
Genre: mm vampire romance
Word count: 10,600 (43 ms pages)

Summary: The vampire Faizel finds himself in another world that has its own kind of vampires, witches, and rules. He decides to fit in until he can decide what he wants to do with this chance to dominate a new Earth.

Available for $0.99 at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Faizel-ebook/dp/B00AR7V51O/


He was a handsome stranger in painted on pants and Chuck Taylors. His dark brown hair curled around his ears in enticing tousled waves. He had rich olive skin and a straight nose with perfect nostrils. He was built in lean lines and looked like he should be an endearingly dorky guy, completely oblivious to his own good looks.

Except he walked like a predator. He tried not to, but his hips insisted on falling into their natural position when he didn't concentrate. An arrogant, rolling walk that caught and held the eye, luring in his prey.

He'd always been so well-known that he couldn't have pretended to be anyone other than himself. He was more easily recognizable than the Master. The name FAIZEL was synonymous with power and prestige. He was always near the top of every Most Wanted list the Resistance put out.

He'd always enjoyed playing with the Resistance. Hunting them down and spoiling their plans had been endlessly entertaining. It was why he'd never just completely exterminated them all the way the Master wanted.

The Master was talking synthetic blood and genocide. He had wanted a world completely devoid of normal human life. The Phageless would cease to exist and only the New Breed would remain. He wanted a world of rules and restrictions, a totalitarian empire with himself at the top.

Faizel enjoyed being powerful, but he wanted the thrill of the hunt. He was young and virile and he'd been Reborn without a soul. But he still remembered his human days and all that burning hate and rage was still there, bubbling under the surface of his skin.Read more... )

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Prince Lucian

The first time Lucian met Jenny he was instantly enamored by her strength and beauty. She was completely arresting even from clear across the room, her fiery red hair rippling around her shoulders in waves, glinting with darker color.

Her skin was smooth and fair with only a slight sprinkle of freckles across her nose. Her lips were pouty and full, her chin a doll-like curve. She should have been delicate, a vulnerable young woman not just in her looks, but her actions as well. Only one glimpse of her hard green eyes dispelled the notion before it could fully form.

Her voice when they were introduced wasn't the girlish thing he was expecting, but a harsh and sexy growl. He could see the scars on he neck where someone had gotten too rough and crushed her trachea, damaging her voice box. She had a history of pain. He wanted to know more.

There were small, faded marks on her hands where her flesh had been nicked and cut and larger patches where her knuckles had broken through the skin with the hard impacts of her fists striking targets. The parts of her arms revealed by her dress were lean but strong with muscle and the flex of her thighs made him shift in place with sudden arousal.

It wasn't quite love and it wasn't completely lust, but he was definitely fascinated. And when she rejected his first advances, he knew he had to have her.

Prince Lucian set himself to pursue Jenny Deacon and make her his own.

(He saves the option of breaking her as a last resort. But it's there.)

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Across Two Divides is coming along. Decided to add some drama to the start of Chapter Eight. That's how I roll.

"You don't need to say word one to my husband," she said.

"But Mrs. DeLongeria, he will be very upset if we try to keep this from him." Michael Holburn was filled with the jittery energy of a man that knew he was about to face painful execution at the hands of his employer. He'd dropped the ball and knew it; she'd nearly died.

"I will tell him myself. Don't worry about it," Julianna said. It took her a moment to realize that she was compulsively wiping her hands on her slacks, fisting and wrinkling the fabric. She forced herself to stop, forced her hands to be still and stop trembling. "He's very busy right now and we handled the situation. I'll tell him myself when he comes home. There's no reason he needs to cut his trip short."

Holburn gave her a doubtful look, but there must have been something in her expression that kept him quiet. "Yes, ma'am," was all he said.

Julianna walked over to the couch and carefully lowered herself down. "Get out now. I don't want to see you for the rest of the day. Just... have someone bring me a cup of tea."

She waited until his footsteps faded away and there was the click of the door closing. Then... then she allowed herself to fall apart, just a little bit. Just enough.

She rested her hand on her baby swollen belly and lowered her chin against her chest as the first quietly desperate sob escaped her throat.

They'd almost died.
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Chapter Two of Idlewile is fast approaching the 9,000 word mark and there's still like two scenes to go :o

Still, I'm desperately in love with my errant pop idol. He's just so frickin' cute and his wangst is so scrumptiously delicious. I love to run a guy through the ringer, then have another person rescue him. Though Idle's current angst is mostly mental, remnants from a very sucky childhood in the orphanarium.

Posting "Idlewile" at my FictionPress http://www.fictionpress.com/~harperkingsley but here's a taste of Chapter Two...

Excerpt )

Yeah, chapter two is largely an intro to the characters and the setting they inhabit.

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This is the start of my entry for the Gay Science Fiction Group on Goodreads. There were 12 prompts to choose from and I picked the enemies trapped on a planet together having to get along.

So far in my head, the MCs has just been "he" or "dude." I guess my next step is to come up with a name for him.


He woke to the smell of singed hair and the sense that something was very wrong. Everything was stifling hot and the heat level was rising even as he tried to blink his head clear.

There was the blaring of warning alarms and everything was cast in hues of orange, the cockpit looking nightmarish and strange. "Wha..." he coughed, his lungs filling with acrid smoke. It smelled like toxic chemicals and his confused brain tried to remember if the ship's interior was made out of anything that was going to kill him as it melted.

He felt strange, his hands awkward as he fumbled his crash harness off. He grabbed the handle of the emergency kit and pulled it out from under his seat, slinging the strap over his shoulder crosswise so it wouldn't get lost. There were other things he felt like he should grab and some part of him didn't want to leave the "safety" of the ship at all, which was currently a burning deathtrap.

He stumbled passed Steve's already bloating corpse, the slanted angle of the deck nearly sending him tumbling. "Sorry buddy," he rasped. The smoke was rising to choking levels and he covered his mouth and nose with his sleeve. The slick material of his shipsuit didn't breathe very well, and as a result neither did he, but it wasn't like he had much choice. He had to get out of the ship.

His eyes stung and burned as he left the cockpit and faced a raging inferno. The entire aft section of the ship was nothing but flames and oily black smoke, though he was just relieved to see the glowing Emergency Exit sign within stumbling distance.

The fire systems seemed not to have kicked in and once again he vowed to find the guys from Hephaestus Corp and kick their asses. A malfunctioning fire suppression system was a bit more serious than the nonstandard sized cupholders though his anger about it was tinged with hysteria. There was a more than good chance that he was goign to die scrabbling at the door like a rat.

Coughing and fighting the urge to retch, he stumbled to the emergency hatch. The skin on the right side of his body felt like t was trying to curl in on itself away from the heat of the flames. He might have thought the sight beautiful if he wasn't the one currently facing death by roasting--orange and yellow and purple and green flames writhing and twining amongst the supposedly fire resistant seat cushions.

He reached out to grab the door handle, then cursed and jerked back as he felt his skin sizzle. The handle was burning hot and he couldn't believe he hadn't noticed that the plasticene sheath had melted off, leaving just the bare metal.

Tears stung his eyes and the heat and smoke levels were rising. The panicked alarm had risen to a teeth jarring squall and the orange warning light was blink-blink-blinking, urging him to get the hell out before it was too late.

He pulled his sleeve down over his right hand and reached out quickly to grasp the handle and give it a hard shove down. Tears stung his eyes at the pain in his already burned hand but he was running on survival instinct and there was no way he was letting himself burn to death, not without a hell of a fight.

He jerked on the handle, then hurriedly let go. His sleeve had melted to the handle and pulled away with gooey strings fluttering like the tentacles of a clarphod.

With the release of the handle, the door sensors kicked in and he briefly saw a scrolling message pass over the glossy blue material: "Brace yourself for saturation."
He didn't have time to puzzle out what that was supposed to mean before the door blew off its seams with a muffled explosion and shot away into the darkness. And about a million gallons of seawater rushed in.

There was no chance to brace himself as the wave hit him and slammed him against the far bulkhead, the back of his head bouncing against the wall painfully. Water choked down his throat before he managed to close his mouth and he coughed and gagged as more water flooded in.

First death by burning, now death by drowning. He once again cursed the day he decided to join the Reclamation Squadron.


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So I've been writing the hell out of some stuff. I've given myself a 500 word minimum for each story daily and that seems to be fairly easy to keep to, though I'm not a hundred percent on how long that's going to last :)

Stories on my writing queue:
The Brand -- mm science fiction novel. Release month: May 2012.
Hermaphroditus -- mm fantasy novel. Release month: May 2012.
Sapphire -- mm science fiction novel. Release month: May 2012.
Altredes -- science fiction novel. Release month: July 2012.
Shade//Black Hood -- mm fantasy novel. Release month: August 2012.
Bastian -- mm contemporary romance novella. Release month: April 2012.
Doggy Style -- mm supernatural romance novella. Release month: April 2012.
Fiends -- mm supernatural romance novella. Release month: April 2012.
Throwaway -- short story. Release month: March 2012.
Tin Can Treasure -- mm romance novella. Release month: March 2012.
Tuesday Night -- mm superhero novella. Release month: April 2012.

Stories I'm trying to get all wrapped up neatly for publication:
Allies & Enemies -- superhero novel. I killed a ton of people. Like a TON.
Ersatz -- mm contemporary romance. This was done, then I got a wild hair and decided to add about 15,000 more words. Doh!
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I am no longer going to read reviews. They make me so sad!!!

"Estarion" is one of those things that I've played around with for years, so I was very hopeful when I put out "Book One." Today, I read this:

First of all this book is a novella. Normally I have no problem with that because that fact is normally mentioned in the description. Not so this time. Besides being short it really didn't have a very good ending. I cannot decide whether it is a novella because that was the plan all along or because the author ran out of things to write. The confusing part of this point came from the 2(well maybe 3?)points of view. The portions of the book concerning the main protagonist weren't bad. The character development was ok for the length they had to cram it in. However there was another viewpoint (maybe 2) that was high confusing. I think that 2 of the characters were 1. Like 1 was a parasite living in the other (I think).


The writing was weird as well, here are 2 examples:

(1) Ze was almost certain that ze was going through the Quickening, but ze was unBonded and alone.

(2) The meeting of the Web was everything ze had thought it was going to be. Sabian looked around at the others and knew that they were all thinking that ze had lost ze's mind.

Now like I said I think, that Sabian and ze are the same person, but I don't know.

Anyway, the premise of the book was good. Telepath on marooned spaceship makes first contact with aliens. I just wish that the author would have stuck with that story.

Is my writing style weird? I never thought so, not until I read this review. It's as though my fragile eggshell ego was completely crushed into the dust. So sad :(

I hate that I'm such a girl about people talking about me. I come across as being crazy tough, but when you get right down to it, I'm unset jell-o inside.

"Book One" is the Pollyanna being lost in space and making First Contact.
"Book Two" is Lucieus and the crew dealing with the Remani. At the same time stuff is going on in the Psi-Corp.
"Book Three" is set years after Lucieus and Sabian have made a life. A psionic ripple reaches Lucieus across the expanses of space, sending him visions of the horror taking place back at Psi-Corp between the head of the Corp and his clone-sibs.
"Book Four" is the wrap up.

All together, the four parts add up to "Estarion."



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