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I fell asleep at my computer again. Just full on unconscious :/

I was in the midst of editing "Faizel 02" for my betas and couldn't stay awake anymore. I think it's because I'd spent the previous four hours mainlining Hannigram fics while eating Cheetos and Riesens. It was too much for me to handle.

Anyways, at 1:30 p.m. every day I check my newsfeed to see what Dear Author has to say about the world, and there was this = http://dearauthor.com/features/industry-news/wednesday-news-women-keeping-boys-reading-men-reading-romance-comcast-growing-amazon-planning-kindlephone/ = waiting for me.
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What really pisses me off is when a show goes exclusive to a single digital provider. Really, guys? Really?

I've gotta wait so long for shows to appear on Netflix that it's simply irritating. I've had Hulu and Amazon and DramaFever and Crackle and Viki accounts ... yet most of them are useless because I realized I wasn't watching them. I was throwing away money on a service that I switch back and forth amongst; I've always got a different favorite. I spent long stretches of time with Hulu before the commercials started getting ridiculous and I'd caught up with my watching, then I switched to mainly DramaFever and Netflix. And I only watched Amazon the once when I bought a movie from them.

Is there some kind of service where I can watch all the different digital services through? It could excuse itself as being hardware, a tool to access Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. "A way to make client accounts easier for the client to navigate. No more switching back and forth through services. One search functionality for all."

There's all these great shows and movies out there, but when they're available exclusively on certain services, it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I don't mind paying for the shows, but I hate how little control I have about what I get to watch without having to switch between services.

I would think my digital services could be managed like channels on a TV. I mean, seriousness, our current TV has more memory than the computer I had when I was a teenager and it accesses Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu natively. Why can't my TV allow me to create an entertainment play list that it shuffles through? Instead, the Netflix we've got will finish playing a show and then just go to the video page. I want shows to start themselves.

I don't know. I'm just pissed off that there's only season one of Venture Bros on Netflix. I've got all the seasons on DVD, but I don't want to bother getting out the discs. And there's no package deal with Vudu or whatever. It just reminds me how Viacom snatched South Park away from me. I'm dissatisfied (even though all the episodes can be watched at South Park Studios online).
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I was talking up the idea of me being a big writerly success to my brother. To which he responded with that eyeball flicker that is practically a shout of "Who fucking cares? You reek of desperation!"

I get really enthusiastic about things. And sometimes I go overboard when I try to talk up some of my plans because I'm uncertain of what I'm doing. I'm making shit up as I go along, and I try to get some live feedback on what my next steps should be. But my brother's not an expert, and it's in a field he doesn't care about, and I have a tendency to turn all conversations to me... So he doesn't give a shit, but he's trying; just not very hard.

I'm adrift in a world I don't understand, and even with all the Internet research, there's just some things you need to learn from a live person. Because I'm terrible at following directions. I need to see something working before it really clicks in my brain. So all of my great money-making ideas are largely theoretical because I don't know how to drive a dump truck, I don't know how to cut tile, and I'm not sure who to go to for an investment loan and how to fill all the forms out right.

There's people making careers doing stuff on the Internet. I know they're doing it. I've seen them. Small stores are saving themselves by expanding to sell their stuff online. Laundromats are making pick up/deliver tickets through phone apps. People are paying bills with Four Square. The Real and the Unreal are merging and we are completely caught up in the Wired...

Fuck ten year plans, the world is moving too fast, you can't even make one anymore. So here I am fumbling around trying to come up with a two year plan, and I feel like a monkey trapped in a room with a typewriter. "No bananas for you until you come up with Shakespeare!" How about Dean Koontz? "Not good enough!"
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Dammit. There's a ParaShift post floating somewhere out in the aether. I mailed it from my Kindle, my email confirmed it was sent, yet once again LJ didn't received it.

I was getting all mad at LJ, thinking they were the ones screwing up, but I think it's my Kindle. The email on there sometimes doesn't send if there's even the tiniest hiccup in wi-fi. And then it doesn't tell me that my mail didn't send.

It would be nice if there were more options for controlling what the client does. The only personalization options are font size and adding accounts. It makes me wonder if they think we're too dumb not to break the internet if we were given control of our own email. Then I wonder if they just don't know and I should throw some ideas in a suggestion box.
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I've been running iCopyright on my stuff for a while now, but no one has tried to use it :/

It seems like such an awesome idea, whereby you can run a syndication feed on your website of other peoples' content. So I put my stuff up on offer, but no one seems to want to try even the free version out. It's kind of disheartening.

http://www.kimichee.com * I post original fiction. I'm obsessed with serials and I thought It'd share. So I made Kimichee *

"From Diamond to Coal," by Sol Crafter
Genre: mm sci-fi

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So I use Semagic to make my entries to LJ and Wordpress, but for some reason last night it decided to go all crazy. I sent out my post... and nothing appeared :(

I personally love Semagic and I don't want to have to move to another client. But today, it won't even connect with LJ. What's up with that?
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I saw 4 out of 5 and was all happy... then I read the review and I had to wonder if this was really good or not. It makes me want to go back and rewrite the whole book.

I need to not read reviews anymore. I'm WAY too sensitive to handle what other people say about me. I guess I've been spoiled by fanfic. I've never received a bad review before.

You should have seen me when I got a 2 out of 5 stars review... It was a world of wailing and gnashing of teeth.

4.0 out of 5 stars Interesting twist on superheroes genre, October 1, 2011
Sirius11214 - See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Heroes & Villains (Kindle Edition)

Overall I enjoyed the book. I thought the story was fun and mostly fast moving, I thought that two main characters were portrayed with sufficient depth and I enjoyed how they went from people disliking each other to where they were at the end of the story. However I sometimes felt that humorous (or was it more satirical, parodical) elements and darker elements of the story were not meshed well. In other words, while I understood what author was going for, I kind of expected a different tone in the story when associations with our times and "terrorists" are invoked. Do not get me wrong, I welcome those associations and really like when a writer does not shy away from them, I just felt kind of, I dont know, thrown out of the story, where we heard that Darkstar had a base on the moon. It was like too much of jump from absurd to reality. Not sure how to explain it better.

I also felt that author kind of forgot about Hank, when Verreint decides to take Warrick to visit his parents. I kept thinking, eh surely he meant his parents and Hank? It is not like this is even second book in the series, surely we remember that he is still there? Either that or I missed some important page where he was not there anymore.



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